Aidan-Jason Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Jaidan, Aison
Started Dating: The Broadway Battle
Dating Status: Beard (Ended)

The Aidan-Jason Relationship is the beard relationship between Aidan Andrews and Jason Duffy. The pair is commonly referred to as Jaidan or Aison.


Season OneEdit

The Broadway BattleEdit

In this episode, Jason witnesses Aidan reacting to Viper as he talked which leads Jason to blackmail Aidan into having her as his beard. After time Aidan questions how much longer their arrangement was gonna last where she reminds him she knows his secret. 

Duffy DangerEdit

Yet again in this episode Jason scares Aidan when she sneaks up on him in the hallway where she reminds him that she owns him because she knows his secret. Aidan was left frightened.


In this episode things start to go downhill for Aidan Jason-wise as Jason spots Aidan talking with Salvatore in the hallway.  The next time that Sal and Aidan take Jason pulls Aidan away to talk to him. Aidan becomes confused by Jason's attitude. He questions her about Sal. Jason explains to Aidan that Sal was gay. Aidan becomes angry at Jason because of her hypocritial action because he saw her flirting with Hailey. Later at Invitionals Jason outs Aidan which causes him to become furious. Aidan tries to charge Jason but Holly stops him.

Guilty PleasureEdit

Aidan is still struck by Jason spilling the beans about his sexuality to New Directions, so he and Salvatore decides to get revenge. Therefore, he and Salvatore plan to take her out with them on their date, although Jason is annoyed, she ends up having a plan for the both of them -- they head to Salvatore's house and Jason begins a drug smoking session, and it turns out to be more of a threesome as Jason kisses Aidan as well as Salvatore, it turns into steamy and smoky sensation as they both sing 3. At the end, Jason gloats over their failed attempt for revenge after the night, but gives them praise for their attempt, and states that she would leave Aidan alone and decides to end her relationship with Aidan as her beard.