Elise Donovan
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Ellie
Family & Friends
Friends: Jackson Tyler
Brianna Stevenson
Enemies: New Directions
Other Information
Clique: The McKinley Swagettes
Education: William McKinley High School
Talent: Singing
Series Information
First appearance: The Diva-Off
Portrayer: Keke Palmer
 Elise Donovan is a minor character in LoveWithoutTragedy's fanfiction, Glee: Make It or Break It. She is a member of The McKinley Swagettes and she is one of the main girls of the group. She makes her first appearance in The Diva-Off. She was created by LoveWithoutTragedy and is portrayed by Keke Palmer.


Elise comes from a not-so-tough life, she's a very good kid at heart and she's really intelligent, she's never really rude to others unless she has a reason to. As a child, she participated in many other events, plays and movies. She was almost able to get a record deal with Columbia Records at 13 years old. However, her parents denied the offer due to the fact that they wanted her to do good in school before she started focusing on a music industry offer. 

Season OneEdit

In The Diva-Off, Elise makes her first appearance as a student at McKinley, she is shown as best friends with Brianna Stevenson, she reveals that she and Brianna were both rejected in New Directions. As they meet Tiffany outside by the building, they are trying to convince girls to join The McKinley Swagettes, while this happens, she, Brianna and Tiffany perform Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!) and more girls sing along and they form a group. Meanwhile, Elise lectures the new set of girls by telling them that they have to be mature and she judges New Directions by saying that they are biased and they favor certain people in the group. She is also seen motivating the girls by calling them divas if they own Beyonce CDs, and if your man cheats and you leave them.

In Bad Girls Club, Elise can be seen in the McKinley Swagettes' headquarters where she instructs them to take similar steps in Kaleesha Simone's fashion as she returns. She wants them to admire her. When Tiffany disagrees with her, she tells her that fashion is most important in the Swagettes, which differs to what she said about being in the group before. She calls the group pale-looking. Meanwhile, when the meeting is dismissed, she gets into a disagreement with Brianna over what the group is made for. Later on, Elise can be seen walking to Brianna after seeing her being confronted by Kendall, and she attempts to come to Brianna's defense until she stops her. Meanwhile, Elise tells Brianna that she talked to Tiffany and apologized to her and agrees that they aren't being a team, but she is anxious to make it happen. She hugs Brianna at the end.

Later on in Sixteen, Elise only has a very brief appearance in the cafeteria as she is seen with the other girls at the table, and she is seen dancing to the Moesha theme song with the two Swagettes, Shontelle and Emily. 


Season OneEdit

Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Season One

Song Episode Solos with
Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!) The Diva-Off BriannaAmy,Tiffany, Shontelle and Jackson