This is an episode guide to REBELReloaded's fanfiction, Glee: Make It or Break It.

Episodes Edit

Original Airdate
1x01. The Hellraisers January 28, 2013

Plot: Mr. Schuester quits coaching New Directions to pursue dreams with his wife, Emma, and to fill in the space of the group, Holly Holliday takes the spot as the new coach, much to Sue Sylvester's surprise. Meanwhile, new and fresh talent is noticed around McKinley, and so is drama. Can Holly help to gather the troubled and the talented to revive Glee Club again?

1x02. Numb February 1, 2013

Plot: Holly finds it difficult still to continue the search for new members for New Directions. Meanwhile, Samantha starts to grow closer to Cole, but in a way that causes her to have crazy feelings, and second thoughts on her relationship with Matt. Meanwhile, Deno and Viper become closer, but Viper finds difficulties balancing feelings for Deno and his reputation as a jock, and a troubled girl plots havoc for the new 5 of New Directions, becoming a bad influence to the club.

1x03. The Broadway Battle February 3, 2013

Plot: Jealousy starts to float in the air when Cole starts to get competition when Matt decides to join New Directions to win back Samantha, causing a Broadway feud to escalate. Meanwhile, Aidan starts to date a using Jason, who blackmails him, in order to hide his sexuality. After that, Kaleesha finds herself against Kendall's immature and bitchy antics and decides to push away from her friendship with both Kendall and Samantha. A new member, Tiffany, also sets eyes on a New Directions member that's already attracted to someone else.

1x04. Duffy Danger February 10, 2013

Plot: Jason explores her badass ways in New Directions by causing trouble for Aidan and newbie Salvatore, who both seem to create a friendship. Meanwhile, the battle continues between Cole and Matthew to vie for Samantha's love and affection. Sue's plot to kick Holly out of McKinley backfires, and Kendall befriends the lead singer of Dalton Academy Warblers, but it concerns many of the members of New Directions due to the rival group's negative history.

1x05. Blackout February 17, 2013

Plot: A blackout in Lima, Ohio causes issues for McKinley High and New Directions as they have to prepare for Invitationals the same day, so, they decide to bring their own lights to the event. Meanwhile, Hayden and Deno start to realize their feelings for each other, but Hayden's sexuality issues pressures him. Kendall and Kaleesha go from BFFs to not-so-BFFs when Kaleesha starts to stand up for herself. Later on, a crush on Jason leads Hailey to confusion due to her bad-ass personality that gives her doubts.

1x06. Guilty Pleasure February 23, 2013

Plot: Things get steamy and rough when New Directions touch on mature and sexual songs of the music industry. However, controversy sparks and it gives Sue the point to suggest that Holly should be fired. Meanwhile, Samantha's sexual intentions towards Cole puts him an uncomfortable position. Jason gets involved in a steamy situation, more like smoky, and Hayden and Deno participate in the Ultimate Alliance at McKinley to end bullying and homophobia.

1x07. The Diva-Off March 7, 2013

Plot:To ease the tension, Holly allows the rivalries between some of the members to fight in song to let their emotions escape; however, things get a little worse when it comes to dueling divas Kaleesha and Kendall, as cereal and milk is involved. Meanwhile, Aidan gets tired of a pushy Viper warning him about Jason's antics, and decides to fight back, and Cole's suspicions of Samantha's weird ways causes him to think twice about their relationship. Kai reveals an issue that may get Kendall in deep trouble, and Salvatore finds himself attracted to Matthew.

1x08. Unapologetic March 18, 2013

Plot: When New Directions requests a Rihanna tribute, Holly chooses the best album that solves issues and emotions for others. Meanwhile, newbies Lyndsay and Gretchen both take Jason and Salvatore's places as members when they both feel unwanted; however, the two stir up more trouble when it comes to their rivalry. Meanwhile, Jason and Hailey both face romantic feelings, and Cole discovers a shocking secret from Samantha that may put a rock between their relationship.

1x09. Bad Girls Club June 16, 2013

Plot:  Instead of exploring the lives of some characters in New Directions, the girls mostly conquer in this intense but interesting episode. Kaleesha makes a triumphant return back to McKinley, and is still doubtful about reconciling with Kendall, who has a conflict with Kai's ex-girlfriend, Brianna. Meanwhile, Gretchen instigates tension for Hayden and Deno's relationship, which causes Lyndsay to take action for defense. Tiffany is infuriated that she is underappreciated in The McKinley Swagettes and Jason's troubled youth causes her to be kicked out of her grandmother's house and apart from Hailey.

1x10. Sixteen June 26, 2013

Plot: Kaleesha turns sixteen, and she invites New Directions to her sweet sixteen party; it pulls her much closer to Cole, but pulls her into a hole when she gets a shocking surprise. Cole struggles with the tension he faces around Samantha. Meanwhile, Aidan continues to contemplate over Salvatore, as he struggles with the punishment of getting arrested. Jason continues the search to find a place to stay. Deno finds it hard to trust Hayden when Drake gets in the middle of their relationship once again. Basicially, each person is struggling with the disadvantages of being sixteen.

1x11. Death Becomes Her July 4, 2013


1x12. Pandemonium July 11, 2013