Hailey-Jason Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Jailey/Hailson
Dating Status: Crushes, Kissed

The Hailey-Jason Relationship is the friendship and/or relationship between Hailey McConnell and Jason Duffy. The pair is commonly referred to as Jailey or Hailson.

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Season OneEdit

Duffy DangerEdit

Hailey is flirted with by Jason which made her uncomfortable. Hailey in a way flirted back when Jason admitted that Hailey by saying "The question is, are you?


Hailey admits  that she is madly crazy for Jason since she sang Semi Charmed Life. Hailey sings Criminal as a way to say she knew that her falling for Jason was bad news. When Hailey stands up to Cole Jason tells her well done which leaves Hailey fighting her feeling for Jason. Hailey and Jason had sit in the same classroom where they started to sneak glances at each other. Hailey reveals that she is starting to become obsessed with Jason. Jason reveals that its hard to act like a badass in front of Hailey and that everything about Hailey blows her away. This leads them to sing Things I'll Never Say.

The Diva-OffEdit

After find the funky love letter that Jackson left in Hailey's locker Jason comes to Hailey's rescue in the locker room where things were starting to get dicy between Hailey and Jackson. When Jackson leaves Hailey states that she could have handled it by herself. This causes Jason to call her a bitch. Hailey isn't too happy by this because she starts to list the bitch things that Jason has done. Jason is hurt by the fact that Hailey thought she had wrote the note. Jason tells her that she may have feelings for her doesn't mean to would go to crazy psychotic lengths to get Hailey. Jason points out that Hailey is only looking at her bad side and not her good side and that the next time she isn't going to be there if something happens. Jason leaves Hailey there regretting what she had said. A few days later, Jason is seen in her car and is about to leave when Hailey jumps in the other side and confesses her feelings for Jason. Jason tries to retaliate but Hailey kisses her mid sentence, but leaves soon after leaving Jason shocked.

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