Jason's Quotations are quotations made by Jason Duffy, as portrayed by actress Kaya Scodelario.

Season OneEdit

When I was 13, I tried joining band camp, eh, I was kicked out the first day: bashed someone's head in with a tuba.

When I was 14, I wanted to take boxing lessons, but everyone wanted to tease me about my first name, I made every girl's nose bleed. Yeah, you can call me a badass, a rebel, or a troubled girl, but eh, you can't change me.

Jason, Numb

New Directions, it's time to add some Duffy Danger into your club.

Jason, Numb

Drugs, drugs, drugs, That word is my middle name, it's my boyfriend and my girlfriend. It's the answer to my problems. Yeah, I sell it, I even smoke it. I also sell prescription drugs. Valium, Viagra for boys if they can't keep a hard rock between their legs after a while, and birth control. Just call me Duffy the Drug Dealer: so much alliteration.

Jason, Numb

Hailey: Can I help you, Jason?"

Jason: Sure. You can help me stop gazing into those crazy hot eyes of yours.

Jason and Hailey, Duffy Danger

Can it, you nit!

Jason to Lyndsay, Duffy Danger

Holly: God, good thinking, Jason. *pats her back* Jason: Eh, yeah, don't.. do that.

Jason and Holly, Duffy Danger

Well done, Hailey.

Jason, Blackout

Oh, that boy is gonna get it.

Jason talking about Aidan, Blackout

Now, you're starting to forget that I own you, Aidan. And you're my slave, and what I say goes.

Jason to Aidan, Blackout

Look at them, all giggly-giggly, jeez, I hate girls like that.

Jason, Blackout

Don't bring me in this.

Jason, Duffy Danger