Season OneEdit

So, all of that Twinkle Town crap you two are convincing us to join, you can just save it.

Kendall to Holly and Will, The Hellraisers

I'm not treating you like a puppy, you're treating yourself like one.

Kendall to Kaleesha, The Broadway Battle

Drake: Who the hell cares about Spider-Man anymore?

Kendall: Drake, don't even go there, I've had sex with you and I've saw your Spider-Man undies.

Kendall and Drake, The Broadway Battle

I have not had sex with tons of boys! It's only been three...or four...or maybe five.

Kendall, The Broadway Battle

If I were kidding, Ashton Kutcher would just be in this room right now yelling, "You've been Punk'd!"

Kendall to Kaleesha, The Broadway Battle

I've just never fully went out with guys before, I mean, I've made out with some, got a little intimate with some, but never have I got to know one so much.

Kendall, Blackout

You see, that's the thing, we aren't children anymore, we're old enough to handle our hormones. You don't see any 13-year olds in here complaining, except for Cole.

Kendall, Guilty Pleasure

Everyone knows that I'm the top dog in this club, and whatever solo I ask for, I get.

Kendall, The Diva-Off

The only thing you need to shine is that big forehead of yours. "Shine bright like my forehead."

Kendall to Kaleesha, The Diva-Off, Diamonds by Rihanna

This is exactly why I can't stand to even look at you. Trying to be the next Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj, huh? Guess what, they're both fake ass girls with fake boobs, fake asses, fake hair, fake teeth, fake noses, fake eyes, fake feet, fake everything. And you're already fake.

Kendall to Kaleesha, The Diva-Off