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Welcome to the Glee: Make It or Break It Wiki, a wiki for a rave-reviewed Glee fanfiction created by Glee: The New Years' writer, LoveWithoutTragedy. This overall wiki places episodes, spoilers, songs, characters, and other things that are related to the fanfiction. So far, there are 193 articles and the wiki has still a lot to improve on. Care to help contribute? Speak to an Admin about it and they will surely confirm it. Any user is allowed to edit as much as they can, and also update. However, there will not be any bashing or vandalism allowed on the wiki. We all are a community and we must care for this wiki environment. Have fun, gleeks!

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Did You Know...
Did you know that the creators of Deno Darko and Hayden "Viper" Russo (Amhs and LoveWithoutTragedy) used to date in real life?

The portrayer of Kaleesha Simone, Azealia Banks, is a rapper in real life; she released her EP, 1991 in 2012.

The kiss between Jason and Hailey was based off of one of the episodes of the first season of Pretty Liars.

What did you guys think of The Side Effects?

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Drake Shingleton : Drake has had a horrible life, growing up. His father is a business man traveling from city to city selling products and when Drake was 4, His mother found out that his dad was cheating on her and she divorced him. Read more...)
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