This season on Glee: Make It or Break It:

"My name is Jason Duffy." The girl said standing on the stage.

Kaleesha replied with her eyebrows raised up.

"Oh hell no." Kaleesha said.


"It's like I've waited my whole liiiiiiiiiifeeee--" A girl sings off-key for an audition.

"Oh, no, she gotta go." Samantha said.


"Just give me one kiss to prove that we were meant to be." Viper says. "Just one."

Deno slowly moves in to meet Viper's lips.


Samantha grabs Cole by his shirt and pushes him down on the bed to kiss him.


Jason sits on a couch watching Aiden take a smoke of marijuana, stroking his hair softly as she puts her lips around his cheek.


"I just know that everytime I look at you, I get disgusted," Samantha says to Jason. "I don't trust you." ___________

Samantha screams during an aftermath of a fight.


"I don't even know if you are a girl," Hailey crosses her arms as she confronts Jason.

"You may have had your penis replaced."

Jason stands up to Hailey's face.


"I just hope you don't expect me to fall back like some background dancer." Cole says.

"I'm the star at McKinley, you're just rising." Cole replies to Matt's confrontation.


"You knew exactly what you were doing to all of those boys you had sex with, you're a prostitute!" Matt yells.

Samantha sobs, "It wasn't my decision at all, I don't know what to say right now."


Kaleesha walks in the classroom with a large container of cereal with milk. "Are you hungry?"

She pours the cereal all on Kendall. "Bitch!


"I have had enough of being your freaking shadow, this time I am standing my freaking ground." Aidan yells.

"Bring it on, then." Viper pulls closer to him, preparing to fight.


Samantha runs continually in the street, being chased by a man.

But she gets caught by him near a wired gate. "You're not going anywhere, you're my property now."


Kaleesha grabs Kendall by her hair, yanking her down to the floor.


Jason kisses Aidan, and Aidan kisses Salvatore as they all lay with smoke lingering all around them. ___________

Matt and Kendall both kiss each other.


Jason and Hailey grab each other, fighting, until.... WHAM, Kaleesha and Samantha jump in, all attacking Jason.


Matt pushes Cole, he pushes him back.


Aidan punches Viper in the face.


Holly slaps Sue.


"I can't take this anymore."


Samantha screams, "Let me go!"




"This is Glee Club, NOT THE FREAKING REAL WORLD!" Kaleesha yells.