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Season One, Episode Twelve
First Aired November 30, 2013
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"The Side Effects"
Swagology is the twelfth episode of Glee: Make It or Break It's first season. It is unknown of when the episode will air, and it will be written by REBELReloaded.



  • With only Sectionals coming in 2 days max, New Directions discover The Swagettes' new coach, who determines Holly to teach the Glee kids about the true meaning of "swag" to help them win Sectionals, with the help of McKinley High Alumni, Mercedes Jones. Meanwhile, she also becomes concerned with Sue's antics against New Directions. Later, Lyndsay decides to give Gretchen a makeover to impress a "certain someone", but Lyndsay does it to keep her enemy closer, and dig the dirt. Cole tries to impress Kaleesha by joining the football team, and seeks guidance from Hayden, who seeks a sporadic physical attraction to him.


  • This episode will be set 2 days after Jason's overdose.


Song Title Original Artist Performers
Pretty Boy Swag/Boss Ass Bitch Soulja Boy Tell'em/PTAF Cole ReynoldsKendall Rhodes,
and Salvatore Anderson
Swagger Jagger/Moves Like Jagger Cher Lloyd/Maroon 5 Hailey McConnell and Matthew Humphrey
with New Directions
Lipgloss Lil' Mama Kendall Rhodes and Hailey McConnell
Get Like Me Nelly feat. Nicki Minaj
and Pharrell
Hayden RussoKaleesha Simone,
and Aidan Andrews
Pretty Girl Rock Keri Hilson The McKinley Swagettes
Va Va Voom Nicki Minaj Gretchen Shedevilia and Lyndsay Hanover
Teach Me How to Dougie Cali Swag District New Directions

Episode #12: SwagologyEdit

So here's what you missed on Glee: Make It or Break It:

Sectionals is almost here for New Directions and it's been nothing but pure drama for the past few weeks. Samantha finally reveals her reasoning behind her life as a prostitute after being pushed down by her ex-boyfriend, Cole, who got suspended from Glee Club for his rude, churlish behavior, and he feels bad for his demonic ways towards Jason and Samantha. Meanwhile, Jason's struggle to end drugs escalates when her brother and grandmother try to send her away to rehab again, which causes her to make a big move to an accidental overdose. Everyone felt really bad for her, especially her closest friends, and they all hope that she will make it. Also, Gretchen tries to blackmail Deno into breaking up with Hayden, and it causes a major dilemma for him.

And that's what you missed on Glee!


Swag = a urban slang term to show a person's appearance. It can also show as intimidation, express subliminal messages, and it's a commonly word used by many people in modern society that demonstrates overconfidence and "ratchetness".

In Glee's terms = It's about expressing who you are, and being yourself. Freedom of expression.


In the hallways, Salvatore, Lyndsay, Matthew, Kendall, and Kaleesha had watched, peeking from the small rectangular window at the door. The five had all watched the girls from the McKinley Swagettes, all rehearsing with choreography from an unknown person.

"Damn, they're really good," Aidan said, seemingly lacking esteem and confidence in his expressions as he watched them dancing.

"Really good," Lyndsay and Kaleesha both said in unison, as Salvatore crossed his arms and sighed.

Kendall scoffed, "Oh, like they're supposed to be the next TLC or Destiny's Child? Their show choir name contradicts them all."

Hayden had walked from behind, all trying to see what was going on, "Hey guys, what's up?"

"My soldier is up right now," Matthew looked completely attracted to the girls in there, but Kaleesha hit him.

"I do like the thought of that, actually," Lyndsay had giggled.

"What's your name again?" Kendall asked. "Lyndsay without the D?"

Lyndsay looked at Kendall, rolled her eyes and chuckled. Salvatore had continued to look, "They're really doing good, though,"

Hayden had took a look, "Holy crap, that's Sharisse McGinty dancing with them!"

Kendall, and the rest, had turned around to look at him. Kendall crossed her arms and quickly responded.

"And like we're supposed to know that?" Kendall changed her posture afterwards.

"Uh, she's like the best choreographer and R&B singer of the decade?" Hayden said.

"Hell, she even helped with Nicki Minaj's dancing on tour, she's eminent. Gosh, you guys really don't know about anything."

"I'm sorry, but my brain just farted," Lyndsay said. "I don't think I could have went to another class today, that's how tired I am."

"I wonder how they got her to come here," Salvatore said, continuing to look out of the window.

"Probably to try to act like because of her, they'll win," Kaleesha said. "Why can't we get no choreography, we have 3 days, and we barely have anything."

"No, we're not gonna give up now," Hayden said. "I just hope we won't give up later on,"

The group had all walked away from the door together. Meanwhile, inside of the classroom where choreography was held. The Swagettes were continuing to dance as Sharisse had watched, immediately intrigued.

Afterwards, they all finished, and Sharisse proudly clapped. "Yes, girls, yes, wonderful."

"Oh my god, we're so gonna win this thing," Tiffany said excitedly.

Shontelle squealed, "Yes, we got this in the bag, turn up,"

Sharisse nodded her head, "I love your confidence, guys, but remember, it's only three days, you gotta work harder. It's good, but we can do better."

"Oh please, we don't call ourselves Swag for nothing," Elise boasted. Brianna scoffed and laughed.

"Ms. McGinty—" Emily began to say her name.

"Please, call me Sharisse," she replied. "I'm like your friends here."

"Okay, Sharisse," Emily said. "Has anyone told you that you look like Moesha?"

Everyone had looked at Emily, confused why she asked that, but Sharisse nodded her head.

"Nope." Sharisse said. "But I'm glad I'm the first,"

"Gosh, you watch too much of that show," Brianna rolled her eyes as they had began to restart their choreography.

"It's the best!" Emily shrugged.


Kendall, Hayden, Salvatore, Matthew, Lyndsay, and Kaleesha had all stood in Holly's office, yelling and ranting to Holly uncontrollably. The indistinct voices befuddled Holly as she stopped them.

"Gosh, guys, settle down, one at a time! Now, what's really going on?"

"I don't like how the "Swagless" group is trying to get their hands on beating us with celebrity attention," Kendall yelled out. "Isn't that like cheating?"

"It's pure bullcrap, they're trying to come on to us," Salvatore said.

Holly looked at them, and sighed, "Guys, calm down, okay? I'm sure it's not as bad as you guys make it. Besides, we have more to focus on when it comes to the Warblers. We're gonna be ready."

"Three days, Ms. Holliday, three days," Salvatore said. "And we haven't gotten to practice yet for a single thing."

"If Jason didn't bring us down even more, maybe we would have started off strong," Lyndsay crossed her arms.

"Let's not blame Jason, that was her own problem," Holly said. "It comes down to confidence. You guys aren't showing it at all right now. Listen, we're gonna be fine, we're gonna get this thing started today, trust me."

"That's what they all say to try to lift us up, even when it's a purpose to bring us down even more." Kendall crossed her arms.

"I'm serious," Holly said. "But I'm gonna say this, you guys want to conquer over the Swagettes, you gotta show swag."

"How can we do that?" Matthew asked. "Swag isn't the common term for people like me."

"Or me," Salvatore said.

"Not me," Kendall said.

"Didn't it stand for something like: Secretly We Are Gay?" Lyndsay shrugged. Hayden looked at her and chuckled.

"Mkay, I guess I have to show you guys," Holly stood up. "Captain Holly to the rescue."



The next day, Holly quickly wrote and capitalized SWAG on the whiteboard behind her with a blue marker, and underlined it. "What do you guys think when you see or hear this word?"

"Ratchet?" Kaleesha said.

"Ghetto." Salvatore said.

"Stupid." Gretchen crossed her arms.

"Secretly We Are Gay," Lyndsay said. Hayden had laughed once again.

"You guys may take it that way," Holly said. "But I take it as confidence."

"It's time to get a little swagalicious this week!" Holly tried to cheer the club on, to which some of the Glee Club didn't approve on.

"Seriously?" Cole said.

Hailey chuckled, "Come on, guys, I think we definitely need to build up our confidence this week, since all of this drama has been in the way, Sectionals is coming faster than we know it."

Holly smiled, "Exactly. Guys, we don't want to go down hill. I know some of you are having panic attacks since some choreographer is helping out the Swagettes. Does that mean we should give up? Hell no. Which is why I couldn't do it alone, I decided to bring in a very special guest with me, she's been in this club and she's definitely a diva with swag. Mercedes Jones!"

Mercedes had walked in, and at one moment, it was a bit silent. Holly had walked to her and gave her a hug.

"Hey guys!" Mercedes said with a grin.

Gretchen chuckled and shook her head. "Okay, okay, gee, Holliday, because swag is an urban term, who wouldn't find a stereotypical black chick to be our mentor?"

Mercedes raised her eyebrow, and Kaleesha looked up to her and crossed her arms.

"What, I'm just telling the truth."

"Trust me, I'm no stereotypical girl." Mercedes said. "But I am here just to give you guys a little luck. I was in those seats you guys are in right now, really not so confident in myself, what I wanted to in my life, it was about having the strength to be proud of who you are and what you want to do."

"Mercedes will be helping me and the rest of you, we definitely need it for Sectionals this week." Holly said. "It's all about confidence right now, show it, strut it, swag it out."

Mercedes had smiled, "And I'll sprinkle a bit of my swag on to you guys, cause I'm good like that."

"She's definitely cocky," Hayden had whispered in Lyndsay's ear, she shook her head.

"She's Beyonce, not Kelly Rowland."


Gretchen had sighed as she watched Deno in the hallways, but it was clear as day to her that all she tried to do to pressure Deno, it was all out of romantic feelings. Gretchen couldn't resist glaring at him as soon as she shut her locker. His manly appearance attracted her.

Is me being a bitch all it takes to fully show that Deno is just super hot to me? Or do I have to prove myself wrong? Gretchen narrated. If the only way to demonstrate that that night meant something to me... would it be worth it?

Deno had walked past her, not giving her any eye contact, but Gretchen continued to turn her head around, biting her bottom lip, and walking away. But at that moment, Lyndsay had watched her, twisting her lips in confusion.

I don't want to make assumptions, but Gretchen looks like she totally has the hots for Deno. Yep, obviously. I knew something was going down between those two right when that heifer was trying to mess with Hayden. I'm not a snitch, never was, never will. But, if this is going on, then... ha, Hayden needs to know, and I think I know just the way.

Lyndsay had fixed her appearance, and she began to walk quickly, to try to catch up with Gretchen.

"Hey," Lyndsay tried to be "nice" to her as she approached her, but Gretchen had looked back at her and shook her head.

"And since when were we on good terms?" Gretchen asked.

"Never," Lyndsay smiled. "But, I'm here only to try to be the bigger person and admit that you definitely need my help."

Gretchen shook her head once again, "The insanity fits well on you."

"I'm serious, I mean, look at you." Lyndsay looked her up and down, as they both stopped at the center of the hallway. "You're so pale, devilish, no wonder your last name is Shedevilia."

"It's not really Shedevilia, fyi, it's Holland, but if you call me by that, I'd cut you," Lyndsay rolled her eyes. "I'm just saying I can help you, a makeover,"

"Well, I don't understand why, but I guess based on what I've been going through, I do want to change my look," Gretchen said. "But don't consider this some way to be my friend."

"Of course not," Lyndsay shrugged. "No way."

"Whatever," Gretchen said. "Meet me at my house tonight then,"

Gretchen had walked away from her, and Lyndsay was left with a smirk on her face, chuckling in a scheming manner.


"I'm sorry, but what is the problem with having help from former alumni in this school?" Holly said. "I never knew that was a rule to not allow alumni to visit." Principal Figgins had attempted to speak, until Sue had stopped him. "It's a disgrace."

"Sue, please," Holly rolled her eyes. "Figgins, I'm trying to help these kids get where they need to go for Sectionals this week."

"Actually, Holly, I like the fact that you've brought Mercedes Jones back to McKinley," Figgins said, clearing up certain issues. "I didn't say anything about that not being allowed. A lot of former students have came, especially after our beloved Finn Hudson's death."

"Exactly," Holly shrugged. "But it's okay to have a five-star choreographer named Sharisse McGinty come in instead of a student alumni?"

"Because it's unavailing to just barge in people who've already graduate just to cheer up your barrage of failbags. This isn't Barney and Friends, for Christ sake, I'd rather eat toenail clippings and ingrown hairs than deal with hearing New Directions."

"That's just gross," Holly said.

"Sue, it's sad to say you don't make the rules anymore," Figgins replied. "Actually, it's not, but.. ha, but every person has the leeway to come visit anytime they want to."

"I don't understand why I deal with job now that this school is dominant with porn stars and blondies," Sue had walked away.

"Don't be a hypocrite!" Holly had yelled out, rolling her eyes.

"Oh go fly a kite!" Sue yelled back in anger.

"Porn stars?" Figgins had raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Oh, that's nothing," Holly said. "Anyway, I just hope I can just push these children to feel good about Sectionals this week. Gosh, I've paid so much already for these guys."

"Trust me, you were in the same situation as Will Schuester at one point, trying to find amazing ways to keep the kids all together, and I'll say, it's a sign that you're doing an amazing job."

"Thanks," Holly had smiled.


Cole, Kendall, and Salvatore had stood in front of the choir room, and in very urban wear. It was awkward for some as Cole had walked to the center stage, attempting to rap.

"Al the pretty girls stand up, pretty boys in the building," Cole had rapped. "This, right here, is my, swag, all, the girls, are on me, damn, every, body, pay, attention, this, right here, is my pretty boy swag, pretty boy swag.."

Salvatore had rapped along with him, and Kendall had began to walk around the choir room. "Cause I'm a boss ass bitch.."

"Pretty boy swag, pretty boy swag," Cole and Salvatore both sang.

"Cause I'm a boss ass bitch,"

"Girls on my whoa when I pretty boy swag, girls scream my name when I pretty boy swag," Cole sang.

Everyone had looked uncomfortable with the performance at the moment, and Mercedes raised her eyebrow as she looked at Holly, who looked out of the comfort zone herself.

"This is so creepy," Deno said, raising his eyebrow.

With complete haste, Kendall had rapped, "I'm a boss ass bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, I'm a boss ass bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, I'm a boss ass bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, I'm a boss ass bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch,"

Holly nodded her head and stood up, "Okay, okay, guys, um,"

The song had ended abruptly, and Hayden was stunned. "Was this even necessary?"

"Hey, look, you wanted swag, we gave you it, be grateful," Cole said, crossing his arms in utter disappointment.

"So you think because a song has swag on it, and the other is just a vulgar, repetitive annoying song about being a female dog?" Mercedes had stood up. "Come on, guys, it's more than that, it's just about confidence."

"But we were confident," Salvatore shrugged. "We worked our butts off on this yesterday."

"This was just a worse term for an impromptu performance," Gretchen said.

"Agreed," Matthew agreed.

"Okay, guys, let's just take it easy," Holly chuckled. "But um, yeah, I don't think that's what we were looking for."

"Whatever, I'm still a boss ass bitch," Kendall had walked to her seat.

Mercedes had stood up to face the kids at the center floor. "You know what I'm looking for with you guys. I'm looking for more than just that stereotypical music, it's about freedom of expressing who you are. Not about how many girls are on you, or how badass you are."

Hailey had looked around at everyone and smiled. "Swagger jagger, swagger jagger, you should get some of your own, count that money, get your game up, get your game up, get your, get your, game up!"

Mercedes gave a big grin, and Holly nodded her head, as everyone began to stand up. Gretchen rolled her eyes, "And here we go with the impromptu ish again,"

Matt and Hailey smiled at each other as they lead the choir room into a trance, singing Moves Like Jagger and Swagger Jagger together.

"You can't stop looking at me, staring at me, be what I be, you can't stop looking at me,, so get up out my face," Hailey sang. "You can't stop clicking at me, writing 'bout me, tweeting 'bout me, I can't stop, it's what it gon' be, my swagger's in check."

"Just shoot for the stars, if it feels right, and aim for my heart, if you feel like and take me away and make it OK, I swear I'll behave," Matt sang.

"My swagger's in check," Hailey rapped.

"You wanted control, so we waited, I put on a show now I make it. You say I'm a kid, my ego is big, I don't give a ish, and it goes like this,"

"Swagger jagger, swagger jagger, you should get some of your own," Hailey sang. "Count that money, get your game up, you're a hater, just let it go."

"Take me by the tongue, and I'll know you, kiss me 'til you're drunk, and I'll show you," Matt sang.

"All the moves like Jagger, I've got the moves like Jagger, I've got the moves like Jagger," Matt and Hailey sang.

New Directions had all danced, and Gretchen sat in her seat trying not to participate.

"Hi hater, kiss kiss, I'll see you later. Hi hater, It was very, very, very nice to meet you," Hailey sang.

Deno grabbed Gretchen quickly to dance along with others.

"Swagger jagger, swagger jagger, you should get some of your own," Hailey sang.

"Count that money, get your game up, you're a hater, just let it go."

"Take me by the tongue, and I'll know you, kiss me 'til you're drunk, and I'll show you," Matt sang.

"All the moves like Jagger, I've got the moves like Jagger, I've got the moves like Jagger," Matt and Hailey sang.

"Get on the floor...get, get, get...get on the floor...s-st-st-st-staring at me, at me..." Hailey and Matt sang. "Get on the floor... I got it in check, get on the, you, you can't stop...get on the swagger's in check. Get on the floor... you can't, can't s-to-to-to-p, get on the floor...,I got the moves like jagger,"

Everyone had cheered, even Gretchen had began to smile after being forced to join in the performance.

"Now THAT'S swag!" Mercedes said.


Sharisse McGinty had stood outside of the teacher's lounge as she filed her nails, continuing to overhear Holly Holliday speaking to Coach Beiste, and she eavesdropped as she heard the two talking about New Directions.

Inside, Holly expressed enthusiastically, "I think the kids are finally getting their magic back,"

"So, they pull out rabbits from hats?" Beiste replied in a sarcastic, but humorous manner. Holly chuckled, nudging her. "No, not that, silly!"

Beiste chuckled as she took a bite from her sandwich, "I know what you mean, it's pretty good that the kids are coming together. Especially due to all of the hell you've put up with these past couple of weeks."

"Tell me about it," Holly rolled her eyes. "All of this stress, feuds and drama with the Swagettes and the Warblers are just pointless to me. Now since they have a girl coach, it's that feeling that makes me assume that they could have a chance at winning."

"Don't let things like that give you doubt," Beiste said. "Just because they're getting trained by some popular dancer or singer, or whoever, doesn't mean they'll take over."

Sharisse continued to listen, raising her eyebrow, a small chuckle came from her. Holly had heard the noise and she turned back.

"Did you hear that?" Holly said.

"Hear what?" Beiste was confused at first, Holly had stood up from her seat to walk from outside, and Sharisse had tried to hide herself, but it was too late.

"Oh, look who we have here!" Holly said in a greetful manner.

Sharisse had smiled with a bit of embarrassment, "Hi, I'm Sharisse, Sharisse McGinty."

"So, I've heard." Holly nodded her head once, Holly pulled her head back to the door, giving non-verbal communication to indicate she'll be back.

"How is um, your group going?" Holly said. "I can see you guys are going "ham", right, huh?"

"Ham is played out, but um, we're doing good, thanks for asking, fellow rival coach." Sharisse replied. It was awkward at one point.

"What is ham in that term, may I ask?"

" has all of the sources, obviously," Sharisse said. "But to abridge, go hard as a mofo." "What's a mofo?" Holly raised her eyebrow.

Sharisse put her palms on her face and chuckled, "You're not familiar with the slang, aren't you?"

"I'm afraid not," Holly said.

"And you're trying to teach your kids about swag three days before Sectionals like it will just do them some good."

"I guess," Holly said.

"Girl, you need a lesson from Sharisse McGinty herself on this," Sharisse said with a smirk.

"Sure," Holly said. "I wanna be down,"

Sharisse had left another smirk on her face, shaking her head as they walked together, Sue had watched them from behind, and she shook her head in disgust.


The school bell rang and Cole had quickly walked to Hayden at his locker. He leaned on it as he desperately spoke to him. "I'll give all I have if you just do me this one favor."

Hayden looked at Cole, staring at his almond eyes, but also looking him up and down. He shook his head. "I thought I never see the day where you would bow down to me,"

"Don't expect it so often." Cole said.

"What do you want from me, then? If this has anything to do with Samantha, count me out."

"I want to join the football team, precisely, I want to be popular," Cole said. "I mean, you're... living up to the social standards yourself I want to be in that lane,"

Hayden looked up, trying to think, "Hm.... good luck with that."

The dark-blonde haired guy had walked away from Cole, who had attempted to rush back to him.

"Oh come on, the only way I can get to be a football player is with your help," Cole said. "I really need to build up my status."

Hayden rolled his eyes, "I'm surprised you haven't held any criminal records for your lame insults,"

Cole crossed his arms, as he took it seriously.

"I don't like you and you don't like me, instead of clawing each other's heads off, I try to leave you alone."

"What else do we seriously hate about each other but the fact that we have creative differences?" Cole said.

"Oh please," Hayden looked at Cole immediately, "You're egotistical, and self-centered nonstop,"

"And you're the bully getting bullied, of course," Cole said with a sarcastic remark and a smirk. Hayden snarled at him. "Look, to be frank, I just want to feel like a star, I want to impress Kaleesha," Cole said as he tried to look behind him to see if anyone would hear.

Hayden chuckled uncontrollably, "I'm not one to criticize, but you and Kaleesha? I don't dig with rebound relationships, man, that's all you."

"It's not that, we kissed last week at her birthday party and it's... getting to me, I like her."

"She is totally out of your league, so is Samantha, but you already had her before you want to grow balls and show them to the entire school board." Hayden said. "Why try so hard to get Kaleesha?"

"I just want her to feel like I'm not just a butthole, I'm more than that to her, we're best friends. Hell, the only friend I ever really have right now since no one likes me."

"That's not true, I, and others just don't like your attitude, that's all," Hayden said.

"And you can't do me this one favor,"

"You beg for anything that walks," Hayden said. "Besides, to be quite honest with you, you don't seem like jock material. You're just so theatrical, dramatic, even if your attitude stinks like jocks, it's the opposite of cool."

Cole once again looked back, sighing, as he quickly pulled up his striped black and blue Polo shirt, exposing his abs. Hayden felt the irresistible need to look.

"Does this count?"

Hayden had pulled his head away from Cole, squinting his eyes and biting his lips, he quickly whispered, "Damn."

He turned back, and sighed, "Maybe, I'll help you, but only if you appreciate it,"

"I'd literally kiss your feet as gratitude, just this one favor and I'll leave you alone forever,"

Don't leave me alone now, damn. Hayden said to himself.

"Okay, fine, but be prepared," Hayden walked away from Cole, he had suddenly touched his crotch quickly, refusing to pull back.

Cole chuckled, "Call that theatrical," and walked away.


"Ew, you're gonna help Cole," Lyndsay said in awe and disgust as she and Hayden walked into the cafeteria.

Hayden shook his head and sighed, "I just couldn't resist his abs, coming from someone who can't stand him, his physical appearance turned me on. I feel like a slut."

"Why, because you got 2 dudes drooling all over you already?" Lyndsay said.

"No," Hayden said. "Probably one, you know Deno barely answered my texts last night and the night before, and when he did, it was all "K.", "Hi", "Bye," it's super awkward.."

"That's what you get when someone doesn't make the effort, which is why I'm glad I broke up with Christopher." Lyndsay rolled her eyes.

"Oh well, so what are you doing tonight?" Hayden asked. They both grabbed their filled lunch trays and sat at the table they often sit.

"I'm going to Gretchen's house," Lyndsay replied as she opened up her milk carton. Hayden looked at her with confusion and shock.

"Gretchen? After you bashed her skull in days ago?"

"I'm just trying to be the nice one and give her a little respect by giving her a makeover." Lyndsay smiled.

"How nice," Hayden sarcastically said as he took a sip from his bottle of water. "It's just something about her, I don't know what, I just don't like it."

"If I get to know her personally, I probably won't think the same," Lyndsay shrugged.

"Whatever you do, I don't need to deal with, Lynds, I already gotta deal with some BS on my own, including the fact that the world should revolve around Cole because he's into Kaleesha."

"Aww, that's sweet," Lyndsay said. "I knew right after I joined Glee Club they had the hots for each other."

Hayden rolled his eyes, "He wants to be a jock, just to impress her, but... the fact that he's so damn.. unf, I had to accept the beg."

"You drool over everyone, it's cute," Lyndsay said. "But... whatever happened to–"

"I don't know," Hayden interrupted her, trying to prevent her from mentioning the person's name.

"You didn't even know what I was going to say!"

"I didn't have to," Hayden winked, Lyndsay winked back and shook her head in disbelief.


Sharisse and Holly continued to interact with each other as she sat in Holly's office, and the choreographer had attempted to help Holly through "slang".

She mocked, "Nuh-uh, honey, you better watch what you say, boo boo, mmhmm." She snapped her fingers. "You try,"

Holly tried to make a fail attempt, "Heyyyyyyyyy girlfriend!"

It was silent, and Sharisse watched as she did that, Holly looked back, and in unison, they both replied, "Nah."

"Oh well, I'm not good enough to use that, I'm not as modern as the rest of you guys," Holly shrugged. "Those girls must really like you,"

"Eh, I like them too, but I do have a lot of things to do than spend time on these guys,"

"Then why did you choose to?" Holly asked calmly.

"Because I wanted to help the girls, especially when it comes to their talent, you know what I mean?" Sharisse said. "And I'm sure your group is 10x talented, but that's how I am, I wouldn't reject anyone."

"We don't even seem like enemies," Holly said. "It's immature to get against each other in competition."

"I try to be a good sport," Sharisse said. Holly had smiled.


"Phase 1: Trying out for the team," Hayden and Cole walked together in the football field, while he was nervous, Cole had felt ready to show what he has.

"What if they don't like me?" Cole asked.

Hayden turned his head to him and chuckled, "Who does like you?"

Cole scoffed and Hayden chuckled, "Anyway, if you want to show your stuff to prevent those jocks from intimidating you, give all you got."

Before Coach Beiste blew the whistle, Hayden had walked to her to introduce her to Cole. "Hey, Coach, this is Cole, he's willing to take the heat on the team."

"Hm, is that right?" Beiste said. "You're one of the Glee Club kids too, right?"

Cole gulped, "Yes, sir, I mean, ma'am."

Hayden nudged Cole, and Beiste raised her eyebrows with a smirk. "Attitudinal. Do you have what it takes?"

"I guess so," Cole said. "I want to take risks and that's what I'm here for."

"Well, I can't just let you in, you have to show me what you got, can you do that?"

Cole looked at Hayden, who looked away, trying to seem as if the pressure would be all on him. "Um, well, sure, heh, why not?"

He looked immediately worried.

Cole had took a gulp when he stood next to Beiste, face to face with the rest of the jocks who had began to look at him funny. Beiste introduced Cole to the geared-up football team.

"All right, Titans, this is Cole Reynolds, he's trying out for the team,"

"So, will this team turn into High School Musical?" One of the jocks asked, the rest of them laughed. Hayden didn't exactly say anything while Cole had looked at him.

"No, but your position, Cody, may be taken by this kid if you keep it up," Beiste replied.

Randall didn't say a thing as the jocks laughed at her response. Cole could feel his heart beating fast, his palms felt numb and he deeply began to feel iffy. What did I get myself into? Am I even fit for this?

"So, Reynolds, I do want you to show us what you got,"

"Show us what you're not," Cody said. Hayden looked at Cody and shook his head, and Cole looked at Beiste and shook his head.

"I'm totally not you, a complete asshole," Cole replied back. Cody laughed and attempted to walk closer to him, but Beiste stopped him.

"Oh, I like him," Christopher whispered to Hayden, he shook his head in disbelief.

"Cody, you're suspended from the team,"

"What the heck? I didn't even do anything to this kid." Cody said angrily.

"It's called self-control, and it's called respect." Beiste replied. Cody sighed and walked away in haste. As he looked at Cole, he turned behind him and balled up his fists, as he went up to the bleachers.

"Well, since he was the kicker, why don't you try that out for us?" Beiste replied, walking over with him by the middle of the football field, she put the football to the ground.

Cole gave another glance at Hayden, who winked at him as a sign to wish him good luck.

"All right, prove us wrong," one of the jocks said.

Cole could immediately feel his heart beating rapidly through his chest, even though it was cold outside, he felt as if he was going to sweat. The looks on everyone's faces had frustrated him as he began to fear that he wouldn't succeed, something he'd never fail at when it comes to his certain hobbies. The thought of people talking bad about him stood on his mind.

"What are you waiting for?" A jock had said.

Cole squinted his eyes, as he ran as fast as he could, giving all of his finesse and strength to kick the ball, as he did, the ball flew up so high, everyone had looked up to the sky as it flew all the way down the end of the field.

Beiste looked at Cole in awe, walking to him. "Dude, what the hell was that?"

He had replied, assuming he did something wrong, "I'm, I'm sorry, I—"

"Sorry?" Beiste said. "That was radical, Reynolds!"

"He probably just got lucky," one of the jocks said.

"Ex-exactly." Cole had agreed.

Beiste grabbed another football on the side, she put it on the ground. "Try it again."

Cole pulled himself back, and he retried it, kicking the ball with all of his might, and led to the similar results. "Booya," Hayden said to himself.

"I think it's safe to say we have our new kicker." Beiste said. The jocks had unexpectedly cheered for Cole, and Hayden smiled along.

Cole had felt proud of himself for succeeding in something he had never expected to take part in. Kaleesha will totally be impressed now.

Cody had watched him and the rest by the bleachers, with an angry and envious expression.


Kendall stood at her locker pressing a stick of lipgloss and rolling it around her lips, and Hailey walked to her, with an unexpected appearance.

"How do I look?"

Kendall turned around and she jumped in fear and shock, watching Hailey with curly hair, sunglasses, and hearing the sound of her chewing gum. She looked at her attire and couldn't believe what she saw.

"What made you come to school looking like that?"

"Mercedes inspired me." Hailey smiled.

Hailey explains a flashback: She and Mercedes were together in the choir room, where she had began to give her advice one-on-one.

"I want to try to change myself, someone who can take risks, have a better sense of fashion," Hailey scoffed. "Look at me, I look pale and boring."

"Everyone is beautiful," Mercedes replied. "But you don't have to really change who you are just to make yourself have that swag. But I encourage you to just be yourself."

Hailey quickly smiled for a moment.

"She told you to be yourself, not look like a Cyndi Lauper reject," Kendall said.

Hailey sighed as Kendall closed her locker, "So that's what you think I look like? Look, Kendall, I just want to feel like an usual girl. I want to try something new for a change. Is it that TOO HARD TO ASK?"

"Lower your attitude," Kendall said with a short smile.

"Sorry," Hailey groaned. "I'm just frustrated,"

"The Jason thing?" Kendall said. "Hailey, she's going to be fine, you shouldn't worry about anything as long as you visit her and check to see if she's doing okay."

"I just really miss her being around here," Hailey replied. "Maybe I'm overthinking it too much."

"You are," Kendall said. "You don't have to change yourself for someone and to make you feel better. This is coming from a person who barely gives advice to anyone."

"I assumed." Hailey said. "Eh, I won't change it permanently, but since it's Swag week, I might as well keep it for a bit, YOLO."

"You only live once, that's the motto," Kendall winked.

Suddenly, a random Cheerio had walked to both Hailey and Kendall, complimenting both the two.

"Keep rocking that lipgloss, girls," she said. Hailey and Kendall looked at each other, and smiled.

Kendall stomped her feet on the ground twice and clapped her hands six times, and Hailey watched her and did the same thing.

"Yeah it’s poppin, it’s poppin, it’s poppin, it’s poppin." Hailey and Kendall rapped.

"I gotta ask 'em, 'cause if i don't," Kendall said. "It's poppin, it's poppin, it's poppin, it's poppin."

Hailey and Kendall strutted in the hallway, and boys had began to watch the two. "What you know 'bout me? What you, what you know 'bout me? What you know 'bout me?What you, what you know?"

"They say my lip gloss is cool, my lip gloss be popping, Im standing at my locker and all the boys keep stopping." Kendall rapped.

"What you know 'bout me? What you, what you know 'bout me? What you know 'bout me? What you, what you know?"

"They say my lip gloss is popping, my lip gloss is cool, all the boys keep jocking, they chase me after school." Kendall rapped.

"Mac mac Loreal yep 'cause I'm worth it, love the way I put it on so perfect, wipe the corners of my mouth so I work it, when I walk down the hallway they can't say nothing." Hailey rapped.

"Oh oh oh my lips so luscious, the way I spice it up with the mac mac brushes, Loreal got the most watermelon crushes, that's probably the reason all these boys got crushes." Kendall rapped.

Hailey and Kendall danced all around the hallways, with everyone intrigued in their performance.

"What you know 'bout me? What you, what you know 'bout me? What you know 'bout me? What you, what you know?"

"They say my lip gloss is cool, my lip gloss be popping, Im standing at my locker and all the boys keep stopping." Kendall rapped.

"What you know 'bout me? What you, what you know 'bout me? What you know 'bout me? What you, what you know?"

"They say my lip gloss is popping, my lip gloss is cool, all the boys keep jocking, they chase me after school." Kendall rapped.

Hailey and Kendall walked in the cafeteria, dancing near the lunch lady, who looked immediately confused.

"When it's time for lunch, my lips still rock. Lil mama melon with the hot pink top. Cherry, vanilla, flavors is a virtue they loving, lip gloss universal." Hailey rapped.

"The boys really like it the girls don’t speak, they rolling they eyes, they lip gloss cheap," Kendall rapped. "It ain't my fault, but I upgrade ya, show you how to use nice things with nice flavors."

"'Cause My lip gloss is popping is popping, is popping is popping," the girls both performed. "'Cause my lip gloss, is popping is popping, is popping is popping."

"What you know 'bout me? What you, what you know 'bout me? What you know 'bout me? What you, what you know?"

"They say my lip gloss is cool, my lip gloss be popping, Im standing at my locker and all the boys keep stopping." Kendall rapped.

"What you know 'bout me? What you, what you know 'bout me? What you know 'bout me? What you, what you know?"

"They say my lip gloss is popping, my lip gloss is cool, all the boys keep jocking, they chase me after school." Kendall rapped.

Everyone in the cafeteria cheered for the two, with Hailey smiling with pride, but it was all just in her mind as Hailey snapped her out of it. "Hailey. You all right?"

"Yeah, yeah, I am," Hailey cleared her throat. "I'll see you in Glee Club,"


Hayden, Kaleesha, and Aidan had stood in front of the choir room, with sunglasses on, Kaleesha faced the back of the choir room while Hayden and Aidan danced in front.

Aidan began to rap, "All ya'll dudes wanna get like me, surrounded by chicks that look like these. You know it, you know it, you know it, you know it."

Holly and Mercedes were both bobbing their heads to the song.

"All my dudes, they bite 'em like bees, I'm so sick so they throwing up keys, you know it, you know it, you know it, you know it."

Hayden walked to the center of the stage, and began rapping. "I say all y'all dudes wanna get like me, all y'all dudes wanna get like me. Now who wanna shake don't look and see, and then count the chicks, man, 1, 2, 3. I said and if you feel like something else there, then tell er that you down for something else yea, and if she say 'cause as far as it goes, don't worry, she straight like a actress nose. You can ball and ball, do it wall to wall, just saying that you can't do it small is all, you can floss Rolex over Audemar, on the arm and I'm outshining all of y'all. Can you feel it? Hey hey Do you want more? Hey hey. Til yo back sore hey hey. So let's go, let's go."

Hayden tried to make eye contact with Deno while dancing, while he noticed he wasn't as enthusiastic about his performances as he used to be. He looked away and continued performing.

"All ya'll dudes wanna get like me, surrounded by chicks that look like these. You know it, you know it, you know it, you know it."

"All my dudes, they bite 'em like bees, I'm so sick so they throwing up keys, you know it, you know it, you know it, you know it."

Kaleesha had began to rap, and Cole had watched her diligently, smiling completely. "UNH! I'm the shizzniyee. You should follow my example - Bitch, i.e. Cause I'm front row, Isaac Mizrayee, in the truck but I ain't suck diznayee!"

"What the hell is she saying?" Gretchen whispered in confusion to Samantha, she looked at her and shrugged.

"All these girls wanna get like me get their own speakers and some pros like me, when I'm at the game, all the pros like me. Bitch I'm a pro, ain't a girl like me."

"Bitches ain't stuntin' in the cold like me. Some call me bitchie, so Nicole Like me, pull up in the ghost, East Coast like me, my dog spend money like the coke price free. Uhn! Bon voyage, Nicki M. Baby, Buns Minaj. Back-of-the-'Bach Slumpty, Humpty Dumpty; on the back of the bike, these stunts be comfy!"

"All ya'll dudes wanna get like me, surrounded by chicks that look like these. You know it, you know it, you know it, you know it."

"All my dudes, they bite 'em like bees, I'm so sick so they throwing up keys, you know it, you know it, you know it, you know it."

Lyndsay, Kendall, Salvatore, Holly and Mercedes were dancing to the beat, while Cole couldn't seem to get his mind off Kaleesha, who gave him a glance and a smile, when Cole smiled back, Samantha could see the interaction from afar, shaking her head.

"All ya'll dudes wanna get like me, surrounded by chicks that look like these. You know it, you know it, you know it, you know it."

"All my dudes, they bite 'em like bees, I'm so sick so they throwing up keys, you know it, you know it, you know it, you know it."

Hayden, Kaleesha, and Aidan lined up together and crossed their arms as a pose, ending the song. Everyone gave a round of applause and Hayden gave the two high fives.

"With this much energy, you guys definitely prove to show swag," Mercedes said. "Well done."

Hayden and Kaleesha smiled at each other, and Holly stood up from her seat. "This is the type of energy we need, guys. Confidence!"

"I'm sorry, but I'm down with confidence, but I won't be singing these super unintelligent songs about being hood, how much money we make or how hard I am." Gretchen said.

"Same here," Deno replied.

"We don't have to, really, but the term swag is mostly in urban parts of the U.S. and most of it is used in modern hip-hop and R&B." Kendall said.

"Why can't we just do Rihanna, then?" Deno asked. "I'm not really into that type of music, to be honest with you."

"You never told me that, Deno," Hayden replied, feeling a sense of disappointment. Deno shrugged.

"You've heard it now," Deno said. Hayden felt hurt at that point by his response.

Holly sighed, and the three performers took their seat, "Guys, it's not about the genre, it's not about that, yes, swag is a term in urban places, but right now, in this term, it's about your appearance, how it will reflect the entirety of you guys in approximately 30 hours from now."

"Trust me, confidence is the key,"

"But isn't confidence something that leads to nothing good in the future?" Lyndsay said.

"Overconfidence," Holly said. "You guys just need to know how to give in, and not how to give up. Let's take 5."

There was a short break, and Hayden made his way to Deno. "Can we talk?"

Gretchen sat next to Deno, but she stood up, walking her way to the girls.

"Are you okay? I sincerely feel like you're mad at me, or the fact that you seem to avoid me," Hayden said. "Look, if it's about Drake, then—"

"No, it's not Drake, it's nothing, really," Deno said.

"You don't have to lie to me, Deno, something is up." Hayden replied. "You're not okay with me."

"I'm fine, Hayden," Deno said. Hayden nodded his head.

"Okay, I guess," he replied, he decided to walk away from Deno, and approached Lyndsay in dismay.

"What's up?" Lyndsay asked, seeing the look on Hayden's face. They walked to a place in private and Hayden had began to vent.

"It's clear, Deno's not the same around me anymore, he barely wants to talk to me," Hayden said.

"You know, maybe you should just take your time, he probably needs space,"

"Yeah, for 2 weeks?" Hayden said. "And then deciding to avoid me and look at me a different way? I feel like he's still angry at me for Drake, and I barely saw him since Kaleesha's birthday."

"Don't fret at all," she patted his back. She had turned her face to Gretchen as she was talking, leaving a smirk on her face.

She said something under breath, "I can solve this mystery."



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  • Samantha Barks as Cassie Steele
  • Rachel Crow as Jessie Coleman
  • Hana Mae Lee as Amy Ventura
  • Vanessa Morgan as Emily Van Coulter
  • Melody Thornton as Shontelle DeCosta
  • Devon Werkheiser as Cody