The Side Effects
Season One, Episode Eleven
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First Aired November 23, 2013
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The Side Effects is the eleventh episode of REBELReloaded's fanfiction, Glee: Make It or Break It. It's airdate is unknown, but it is likely to be aired in November 23, 2013.


In this intense episode, the drugs that Jason stole from Holly's apartment comes in many negative consequences - one including a matter of life and death. Based on this event, New Directions tries to find ways to cope and support her. Cole's demonic ways are called out, leading to a Glee Club suspension, and during the week, he starts to regret it. Meanwhile, Hayden realizes the sudden rift in his relationship with Deno, without knowing Deno's affair with Gretchen, who tries to blackmail him and pressures him to dump him; Aidan calls out Salvatore's selfishness, which may affect their relationship, and Samantha and Brooke share a connection through their past life.


Song Title Original Artist Performers
Looking In Mariah Carey Samantha Parker
No Air Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown Jason Duffy and Hailey McConnell
Waterfalls TLC Hayden RussoSalvatore Anderson,
Kendall Rhodes, and Kaleesha Simone
Hurt Christina Aguilera Cole Reynolds
Mirrors Justin Timberlake Salvatore Anderson and Aidan Andrews
If I Lose Myself OneRepublic Jason Duffy
Battlefield Jordin Sparks New Directions

Episode #11: The Side EffectsEdit

So here's what you missed on Glee: Make It or Break It:

Kaleesha turned sixteen, and invited everyone in Glee Club to her sweet sixteen, which resulted in a rocky road -- she found out her mother is diagnosed with cancer, and this worries her a lot, and her sudden bond with Cole evolved during her party. Will she ever come to terms to how she feels about him? Meanwhile, a homeless Jason seems to have trouble with dealing with her life at home, and decides to face the real world. Until Holly decides to bring her back to her home for shelter, she finds pills and takes them. Secrets began to unfold when Brooke admits to Holly that she's a former porn star -- something that Sue had long ago assumed. And Drake's feelings for Hayden continue to increase.

That's what you missed on Glee!


During a new morning, Holly lied under her white, soft comforter in her bed. As she woke up when her alarm went off for 5:00 am, she yawned and sighed, stretching completely and hit her alarm clock. She stood up in her silky pink pajamas and walked out of her bedroom to enter her bathroom.

She began to rub her eyes and yawn once again as she looked in the mirror, obviously thinking of something, and opened up her cabinet, as she looked, she tried to search for her prescription pill bottle, she slowly grabbed it and tried to pop the cap.

That point, she discovered it was less pills inside than it was last time she checked, she was confused. As she took one out, put it in her mouth and grabbed a mini-dixie cup from the side of her sink, she took a gulp of water with the pill. She looked puzzled and began to think -- Jason was in the bathroom last night -- and she sighed as she left her bathroom to go into the guest room to check on her. She slowly opened the door to quickly discover that the room was empty, clean and organized like so.

She raised her eyebrow after seeing it, she looked in the living room and everywhere else, and realized Jason wasn't nowhere in sight. Holly put her hands over her head and groaned.

"I knew this wasn't going to last." Holly shook her head.

Outside, Jason could be seen walking her way back near a corner store, with full force, she held on to the pills she stole from Holly's bathroom, and as she did that, out in the cold. Jason could see a strange looking guy coming her way from afar, and could be see in his Warbler uniform.

Jason later assumed it was Kai, as they approached each other, she scoffed.

"What are you doing up this time of the morning, bailer?" Jason said in disappointment, Kai replied.

"You literally called me up at 4 am telling me to meet you up here," Kai said. "That riff-raff must be really getting to your brain."

"Whatever." Jason said. "I need your help, Kai."

Kai's attitude seemed acerbic, "It's nearly cold out here, and you make me drag my pale ass out here in the cold, dude. What do you need?"

"I need you to help me out with some new junk," Jason said. "You don't know how hard it is for me right now not to get to get some good drugs around here."

"Duffy, I already told you that I'm done with all of this drug dealing -- do you know how bad that will ruin my reputation at Dalton? Even jobs give out drug tests and I really need to focus on my future than worry about drugs, you need to try to work that out on your own."

"Come on, Kai, me and you are like the dream team, let's not forget you were the one that persuaded me to get to this point--" Jason said.

"Cut the crap, Jason. You really should slow your roll, maybe taking a break from this is the best thing, because right now, you seem desperate."

Jason looked away in an ignorant manner. Kai sighed, "If I can try to stop, you can. This is your time to recover."

"I don't want to freaking recover, okay?" Jason said. "Whatever I do with my life, hell, it won't affect you."

"But what you're doing right now is affecting ME, Jason. It's making me feel so much remorse for pulling you into a dangerous path." Kai said.

Jason rolled her eyes, "Are you going to help me or not?"

Kai sighed, taking a long pause before he began to respond, "Jason, I--"

"Yes or no, it's that simple." Jason said, interrupting his sentence.


"YES or NO." Jason yelled out.

Kai squinted his eyes, and simply replied, "No."

"That's all I wanted to hear." Jason said, infuriated as she walked away from him and stated, "Jerk."

Kai slowly looked back, worried for Jason, he sighed and walked the other direction.


Hours later, students had began to enter the school and Holly had walked inside with her casual wear. She looked very tired and stressed as she walked inside of the teacher's lounge, and she began to stop when she saw Brooke inside. She waved slowly, but Holly hesitantly waved back, as if she was attempting to avoid her. When Holly made her way to the coffee machine, poured herself a cup of coffee in her specialized mug, she sat with Brooke, who seemed very stressed out herself.

"Holly, look," Brooke cleared her throat. "I don't want this issue about my past life to try to affect anything I have with you as a friend."

"I'm not angry at you, I'm just a bit shocked." Holly replied. "All this time, Sue had often made up rumors about you, assuming you were some porn star, and I wanted not to believe that until now."

"I know, and I'm sorry that I didn't tell you when I got to know you. But that thing is what I've been trying not to mention to anyone, because when you lose money, need money to take care of your children, no jobs can barely accept you, and you have to expose yourself just to provide for your kids. That was just... wasn't my intention."

"I'm really sorry," Holly put her head down on her head. "I think I judged you so quickly, made you leave so early last night without letting you explain yourself."

"No, I understand." Brooke said. "Trust me, whenever I tell people, they seem taken aback, or maybe if I tell a certain guy friend of mine, apparently it's a hot thing to him. Sue can say whatever she wants, but she'll never know the real me."

"Sue's mean, period." Holly said. "No one can truly tolerate her, but indeed we can bot deal with it, and brush it off."

"True." Brooke gave a half-smile, and Holly smiled briefly back at her, and stood up together for a hug.


Later on, part of New Directions were inside of the choir room, chatting and playing around with each other, and Cole can be seen listening to his iPod while he took one glance at Samantha, who looked back, and quickly looked away.

Lyndsay made her entrance inside with Hayden, both continuing to converse with each other.

"Oh goodness, Lyndsay, you told me about this three times this week, when are you gonna talk about something else?" Hayden said in an agitated-like tone.

Lyndsay scoffed, "I'm sorry, but I can't help but fangirl over Ross Lynch, he's so hot, he's a freaking teenage--"

"Muscular stud, I know." Hayden rolled his eyes and chuckled. "You wanna call someone hot, say Colton Haynes instead."

Lyndsay looked at Hayden up and down and flipped her hair and walked away. Hayden shrugged as he sat at a seat next to her, and Holly began to walk inside of the choir room afterwards.

"All right, kids, settle down, settle down." Holly said, clearing her throat as she sat on a a chair from the back.

"So, Ms. Holiday, what are we gonna do this week?" Matthew asked. "Some rock?"

"The only thing "rock" is your brain." Kaleesha said, chuckling. Matt looked at Kaleesha and shook her head.

"Since right now, I'm not really living up to the spirit, I prefer.. any of you can sing whatever, as long as you can make time to prepare for Sectionals next week." Holly said. "We don't have that long, and it's no time for games, no time for drama, it's time for work."

"We're still down one member for Sectionals," Hayden said. "Even the fact that Jason is gone, it makes me feel like New Directions isn't complete without her."

"Oh please, no one needs her to be seducing the crowd with her bags of weed and pills like she's Eminem or Wiz Khalifa." Cole said, rolling his eyes.

"Do you always have to say something rude, live a little." Kendall said. "I don't even like her and I'm worried about her."

"Guys, maybe this isn't the best time to talk about her right now." Holly said to everyone.

"It really isn't." Hailey looked down, trying to avoid thinking about Jason, even though deep inside she still misses her.

"If she wants to return, she can."

"Would that be the same for me?" A male voice came from afar, and Salvatore entered the choir room. Holly smiled at Salvatore and most of the Glee Club began to stand up for him to give him a hug-- with the exception of Aidan.

"You obviously are our one last hope, Sal." Kaleesha said.

"I wouldn't miss Sectionals for the world." Salvatore had smiled, and as he looked above at Aidan, he realized how unhappy he had seemed as he looked away.



Afterwards, later that day, Salvatore had went to his locker, and Aidan walked to him unflinchingly. As if he was willing to say something on his mind, even though inside he wasn't ready to talk to him. After Salvatore closed his locker, Aidan crossed his arms and leaned on the locker next to his. Salvatore jumped a bit.

"Jeez, you scared me, babe." Salvatore chuckled in relief.

"So, what made you just want to come back so randomly?" Aidan asked in a blase tone. "Done with the drug game with Jason?"

Salvatore looked down, trying to contemplate a response, he bit his bottom lip as he replied, "Aidan, I know you're probably... wishing you didn't see me. I'm sorry I've been so selfish."

"Selfish enough to leave me behind in Glee Club because of your anger?" Aidan said. "A lot has gotten into you that you can't have the audacity to tell me, but instead avoid me and make me feel like I did something wrong to you."

"It's not about you, there's just a lot of things that are difficult to explain."

"I'm tired." Aidan scoffed, giving a short smile, looking a bit fed up with his responses. "The more you say that is like more times a song repeats on a record player. Do you know every day you weren't around, I've been nothing but stressed out. That's the same for Hailey, at least Jason makes the effort to keep in touch even if she's not here."

"Aidan, you don't understand." Salvatore tried to respond back to him, but Aidan shook his head quickly.

"No, you don't understand -- what I have to go through to be with you, and you can't even make the effort to talk to me, tell me what's wrong. We're dating, we're supposed to tell each other anything we can."

"Well, it's not that easy for me, that's what you need to understand, why keep poking me in the back about it and be happy I'm back?" Salvatore said, feeling immediately irate from Aidan.

There was silence as Salvatore grabbed his backpack and closed his locker. Aidan looked down to the ground, pulled himself away from Salvatore and nodded his head.

"Wait, Aidan, I'm sorr--" Salvatore immediately felt a change of heart when Aidan's emotions were exposed. Aidan shrugged.

"No, I guess since if I'm pestering you about why you're not making the effort as a boyfriend, I should be called out for it. I'll let you be." Aidan walked away with his backpack and departed from the school grounds after everyone was dismissed.

Salvatore felt the urgency to chase him as he left, but he stopped himself, losing thoughts.


The morning afterwards, Kaleesha spotted Samantha walking past her while at her locker; she tried to catch up with her.

"Hey, Sammy." Kaleesha said with amiable energy, Samantha gave her one glance and refused to respond. Kaleesha noticed the expression and she decided to spark up a conversation.

"I was thinking if you and I could help pitch in for some Sectionals ideas, at least to get some things sorted out for next week," Kaleesha said. Samantha sighed, "Why didn't you just ask Cole?"

Kaleesha squinted her eyes, as if she knew that moment was coming. Kaleesha stopped from walking that moment and turned to the front to face a disappointed Samantha. "Okay, Samantha, I can explain."

"Explain what? That you were just only getting close to me and convincing me to get over Cole just so you can have a chance at him?"

"No." Kaleesha nodded her head. "It wasn't like that, okay? I didn't want to... do that with Cole that night, but I guess something sparked. But I would never ever want to do that to hurt you."

"It's fine, it's fine, Kaleesha," Samantha sighed. "I mean, he already hates my guts, so... why should I whine about someone else with him or not? He's not my boyfriend anymore."

"That statement will foreshadow something between our friendship, right?" Kaleesha asked, a feeling of guilt sparked inside of her.

"Let's just forget about it, Kaleesha, if you want Cole, go for it." Samantha smiled, even if all of that hurt and pain inside of her couldn't easily go away.

"Samantha, you're my best friend." Kaleesha said. "I would... never try to do something that you'd go against. I know that you've been hurting, a lot. We both have. You're dealing with your issues out in the streets, while my grandmother is preparing to fight for her life right now to win over cancer."

Samantha chuckled, "There's a lot more you just don't know about me."

Kaleesha's solicitude for Samantha could be shown through her expressions, Samantha walked away from Kaleesha slowly as she held her binders tightly. She watched as everyone passed her by, and she began to vocalize.

"You look at me and see the girl, who lives inside the golden world, but don't believe that's all there is to see, you'll never know the real me."

Samantha could be seen on a stage, a dark one with the spotlight on her, she looked torn and faint-hearted as she stood on the stage starting to sing.

"She smiles through a thousand tears and harbors adolescent fears, she dreams of all that she can never be. She wades in insecurity and hides herself inside of me."

Samantha stood on the stage, picturing a variety of things that occurred in her past, to now. She flashed back to when she was born, as she grew up, her parents could be seen smiling as she danced in a pink dress, twirling around as if she was a princess. Her mother smiled as she slowly lifted her up and kissed her on her head while Samantha began to giggle.

Samantha stood in front of Glee Club while everyone began to watch her as she performed, Holly stood at the seats with the rest as many more memories surrounded Samantha's mind.

"Don't say she takes it all for granted, I'm well aware of all I have, don't think that I am disenchanted, please understand."

Samantha's eyes went straightforward to Cole's, who found it difficult to realize that the song was about her insecurities.

Another flashback came in her mind, when Samantha turned 14 is where things turned to the worst, where Samantha's father began convincing her to do prostitution. If she never did anything right is where Samantha began to be abused by her father. Even when she became pressured to get into drugs.

Samantha felt tears fall down from her eyes as she continued to sing, everyone watched in compassion.

"It seems as though I've always been, somebody outside looking in. Well, here I am for all of them to bleed, but they can't take my heart from me, and they can't bring me to my knees, they'll never know the real me..."

Kaleesha took a glimpse at Cole during that moment, and Cole just watched, not showing any reaction whatsoever. Everyone, with the exception of him, give a round of applause, while Holly stood up.

"Samantha, just know that...I don't care what anyone says but.. we all are insecure, we're here for a reason, to pull through this together." Hailey said. "You're just so brave for expressing yourself."

"I agree." Deno said. "Not even I could have the guts to come up to the front and pour my life into song."

"There's just a lot of stuff in my life people don't get." Samantha said. "I end up judged, ostracized, and pushed away because of what I do in my life, and... without knowing the reason behind it."

Cole, all of a sudden, began to slowly clap, with a smirk on his face. "Jeez, bravo, what a way to make yourself not worthless."

"Cole, seriously?" Hayden said upfront, and Holly rolled her eyes and sighed. Samantha watched as he stated his sarcastic statement.

"No, I'm being serious." Cole shrugged. "I mean, I respect the fact that you're trying to bring out your insecurities to everyone here, but it's obvious that there's a myriad of people in this room right now who could give a rat's ass."

"Cole, that's enough." Holly said. "You've been acting pretty rude to others lately and it's getting quite out of hand."

"I'm just keeping it real," Cole said. Kaleesha felt the need to say something, but it seemed like she didn't have the guts to.

Samantha turned to Kaleesha, and she began to chuckle lightly, which turned into an irate expression. "So, you're just gonna not say anything, Kaleesha, not stick up for your friend?"

"Samantha, I'm not on anyone's side, I just don't know--" Kaleesha said, feeling even more guiltier than before.

"You know what, Cole... you got me weeks ago, but this little victim act you want to play, it's time to give it up." Samantha said, the way she began to speak, foreshadowed her urgency to cry.

"Just because I hide one thing about my life, you think you can just push me down and bash me so bad?" Samantha said. "Why... why can't you have the decency to grow some balls and forgive and forget."

"Preach." Kendall said.

Cole turned around to Kendall, looking her up and down, "This isn't any of your business."

"If it isn't, stop bringing your business out in public, hobnocker." Kendall confronted her.

"Oh please, girls like you would love to get slapped with a penis." Cole replied back, Kendall shook her head.

"Why don't you just get off her back and freaking be nice for a change." Kendall asked.

"Maybe if you get your head out of your ass, maybe I'll consider." Cole gave a sarcastic smile.

"You know what, I can't take this anymore." Holly stood up from her seat, and Lyndsay turned to Hayden and whispered in his ear.

"I'm literally confused." Lyndsay said while she continued to chew her gum. "Why does he have something against her?"

Hayden sighed, "Long story."

"I really think I hate doing this but Cole you're suspended from Glee Club this week." Holly said. "It's nothing against you, or anyone but... we need to support each other as a club instead of putting others down, and for the past couple of days, following Jason Duffy's departure, you've been taking it too far."

It was immediately silent as Cole stood up from his seat, and everyone began to stare at him, like they agreed with Holly. Cole sighed, "Whatever."

Cole made his departure from the choir room and Samantha looked at Kaleesha, who put her palms on her cheeks and looked away in remorse.

Holly sighed as she leaned on the piano, watching everyone. "I'm sorry for that, guys."

"That would have probably been the best decision you've made thus far, Ms. Holiday." Aidan said. "I was literally at the urge of just grabbing him by his hair."

"Good thing I did it before you did that." Holly sighed. "Come on, let's start with some Sectionals ideas."


At Jason's grandmother's house, the sound of sirens approached her house. As soon as two police officers left the car, they closed the door.

"I'm confused, what type of girl you know has a male name?" An officer asked. "Heh, you ask me, and I know none." The female officer replied.

One began to clear his throat as he banged on the door, Brendan looked as he peeked inside the small hole to see who it was. When he opened it, he gave a smile and greeted the officers.

"Good afternoon, officers," Brendan said. "How can I help you?"

"Are you a relative or a parent of Jason Duffy?" The female officer asked.

Brendan replied, "Um, yeah, I'm her brother, well, biologically her sister, but um, yes."

The two police officers were bewildered for a moment, but they nodded her heads and turned back to face him.

"Is she okay?"

"We just wanted to note that Jason Duffy has missed approximately 2-3 weeks of school at McKinley High, and it's been a lot of days that there must have a mandatory court hearing for truancy."

Brendan seemed immediately speechless at first, and he sighed, "Officers, Jason had been nowhere in sight often and I, myself, have been getting her in and out of police stations for drug usage or dealing. It's been quite a rocky road from here and there."

"So she has had experience with jail before?" The male officer asked.

"Yes, sir,"

"And she hasn't been anywhere in sight for the past few weeks?"

"My grandmother had kicked her out of the house until she would try to stay away from the dangers in the street, but it's been a tad bit difficult to try to keep her away."

"Do you mind if we come inside for more questions?" The police officer had asked. "Of course not, come in."

Brendan slowly pulled himself back to escort the officers inside and he looked outside quickly and sighed, and closed the door.


The school bell rang, and Hayden and Deno had walked with each other to their next class, where Hayden started to spark a conversation.

"Sectionals is in like... 7 days from now, and I think I have the perfect idea -- since we're already going against the Swagettes and the Warblers, I think it would be cool to--"

Deno seemed to have suddenly drained Hayden's voice out as they began to walk. It was out of no interest, and while he slowly turned his direction towards Gretchen, who had walked by him and winked, Deno couldn't resist but wink back. Although Hayden never knew what interaction was going on... he still continued to talk.

Do you ever feel like you've lost your interest in someone you truly love... because you've done the deed with someone else? I'll admit... my bond with Gretchen changed a lot. Whenever I'm around Hayden now, it's like... he's not even there, because all my brain focuses on his Gretchen. I know that I often lack social skills with people, maybe that's why, but... it's just not the same with Hayden and I and it's only been 7 weeks since we've been together.

"Babe, are you listening?" Hayden asked, and Deno stopped that moment to pay attention to him. He nodded his head and replied.

"Yeah, yeah."

"What did I say?" Hayden stopped and crossed his arms.

Deno paused, trying to think of a way to respond. Hayden raised his eyebrows.

"Just as I thought," Hayden said. "You know, dude, you haven't been paying any type of attention to me, is everything okay?"

"I was listening to you, I swear."

"There's no need to lie," Hayden sighed.

"Hayden, I'm going through some things, I don't know how to handle it well, and I just think I need a bit of time, and I'll try to fix them." Deno took a large gulp in fear.

It became silent, but Hayden smiled. "Okay. Of course. If that was the case, you should have told me, but if you need anything--"

"Trust me, I'm okay, I just gotta find my way." Deno smiled back, relieved of his emotions. Hayden gave Deno a kiss on the cheek, but while that, Deno looked hesitant. Hayden had walked away from him, but at that moment, he began to feel as if Deno was trying to avoid him even more.

That point, Deno had heard his phone chirp quickly, when he grabbed it, he saw the text from Gretchen, Meet me near the janitor's closet. >:3 Deno sighed, watched as Hayden walked away, and walked backwards to get there.

Hayden looked concerned.

It's the same old song. "I'm busy. I need time to myself, I need to go somewhere, I can't but I love you." I'd believe this is just some way to avoid me because of what we got over weeks ago. I still sense has angry at me about kissing Drake, whom I've hardly seen this week, and I kind of hope it stays that way. But, all of the ignoring me, not listening to what I say, having to go somewhere when I want to spend time, that feeling... something's up.

Hayden took one look back, and noticed Deno was nowhere in sight, he turned back around and lifted up his binders and continued to walk.


Deno had took a walk back, a different direction, to get to Gretchen before the bell had rang. Gretchen turned around and sighed.

"Dude, you're gonna make me late, right now's not the time." Deno said. Gretchen put her finger on Deno's lips, feeling the texture of his lips as she slowly pulled her finger down.

"Hm, your lips are dry." Gretchen said with a smirk. "Couldn't get the D in Hayden, couldn't ya?"

"Gretchen, please, I just.." Deno couldn't resist but admit himself to her. "I guess I'm just having a bad time with Hayden, but we'll get it fixed."

"That's not what I heard minutes ago." Gretchen said. "Obviously, you're paying less attention to your boytoy and thinking of me."

"If that's what you want to think, then, go for it." Deno chuckled, trying to refuse to agree with what she said.

Gretchen rolled her eyes and moved closer to him. "Then look me in my eye and tell me you aren't into me since that night."

"No." Deno shrugged. "I can just easily walk away and pretend like that never happened."

"So, the wink was for..?"

"You winked at me, and I winked back." Deno shrugged, trying to truly hide his feelings. Gretchen scoffed, "You're such a dumbass."

"Whatever, Gretchen, you're gonna make me late for class." Deno said, making an attempt to leave, until Gretchen stopped him.

"So, it's like this, I could basically tell the whole school... or I mean, show the whole school, the no diggity diggity in the car the other night." Gretchen crossed her arms and Deno quickly turned his head around.

"You wouldn't." Deno said, moving closer to her.

"Oh, I would." Gretchen said. "I will... if you don't dump Hayden."

"Blackmail, you'll never get the best out of me, Gretchen, no." Deno nodded his head. "And what do you mean show?"

"We made our own little sex tape." Gretchen grabbed her cellular phone and wiggled it around like it was evidence. Deno's eyes widened and he quickly tried to grab her phone, but she pulled back.


"Seriously, Gretchen?" Deno said. The bell had rang for the third time, and Gretchen got a smirk.

"Now who's gonna be late?" Gretchen said, holding a hall pass in her hand as she walked away from Deno, leaving him in utter shock. He banged his head on a locker multiple times.


It was almost starting to get dark hours after, the grey clouds began to fade through the darker shades of the sky. The streets that Jason stood on were unusually silent, the tranquil mood outside, the wind blowing Jason's hair as she had pranced back and forth showing confusion of what to do, she found it difficult to deal with the oddness of the outside.

Jason sighed, realizing that things haven't been the same for her after she left her grandmother's house. Kai bailed out on her, she's missed days of school, and she barely reached out again to Hailey since the week before. Things began to tear apart for Jason as she pulled herself back to a brick wall and leaned against it with her arms covering her body to increase her warmth.

She grabbed her cell phone, and she had began to call someone, and as she did, she continued to shiver from the brisk breeze blowing through the part of the neighborhood.

At Jason's grandmother's house, Brendan's phone began to ring as she stood in the kitchen with Nana, starting to talk about Jason's absences from school.

The ringtone of a song began to diffuse throughout the kitchen and Brendan grabbed his phone, seeing Jason's number on his phone. He quickly answered it with urgency.

"Jason, where the hell are you right now?" Brendan said. Nana turned her head to see what was going on.

Jason continued to shiver while she responded, "I'm at the same place you left me, can you pick me up?"

Brendan sighed, "Okay, I'm on my way." He grabbed his jacket off the hook in the living room with haste, Nana came to approach him.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to get Jason, it's time for a straight up talk,"

"Be careful out there," Nana said. Brendan closed the door behind him, chirped his car and jumped inside quickly. As he did, rock music, toned down, flared out of his speakers as he drived off.


Brendan drove his way back to the same place he asked Jason to come in the car at. He droved slowly as he shone his headlights to show her face. Jason stood up slowly, walking with a lack of confidence as she got in the car and closed the car door.

"So, why haven't you been going to school?" Brendan asked, showing a bit more concern and empathy than he did before.

"Oh, I missed a couple of days, big dealio," Jason said. "My life is already jagged as is."

"Jason, I've been through it too in case you forgot." Brendan said. "We've been through it together, but at least I'm trying to push through it the best way."

"Just because you're now a soon-to-be college freshman, doesn't mean I'll ever be like you. I'm a rebellious piece of crap, who may sell a little, use a little, buy a little every now and then,"

Brendan continued to watch the road, "Everyone's worried about you, do you know that Nana basically cried her eyes out twice this week? Or the fact that hours ago, the police had come."

"The police?" Jason turned around to him and Brendan shook his head. "Yes, because since you've been gone for approximately 15 days in all at school, ding ding, court hearing."

Jason rolled her eyes, "They need to fu--"

"Stop." Brendan replied, Jason looked to the passenger's window as they arrived back to the house.

As the two both left the car, Brendan opened the house door and when Jason walked in, Nana looked up and quickly hugged her, something that Jason didn't feel.

Until Nana pulled back noticing the foul smell from the outside that lingered on her. "Jason, I think the three of us need to have a talk."

"I guess I have to, right?" Jason shrugged, she had sat down at the dining room table with Nana and Brenden, and as she did that she heard her phone vibrate, but she had ignored it.

Jason looked at Nana and Brendan, and began to ask, "If you guys just want me to apologize then..."

"No, we just want to talk to you," Nana said.

"Because we want to help you because we care." Brendan replied.

Jason looked away for a moment, having a feeling that something bad would happen during this conversation, but she allowed Brendan to speak.

"Jason, um, I know that you have been going through a lot, me and you have, definitely," Brendan, "But, with you, it has been erratic, one minute you're okay, another, it's just this monster inside of you that... keeps us thinking that why should we deal with you?"

"So, you're basically giving me up." Jason said, scoffing.

"No, I'm not finished yet." Brendan cleared his throat while speaking. "We think the best choice is for you to go back to rehab, which is why... we decided to take you back to the LRC program."

Jason looked at the both of them, inside it looked as if she was anxious to hurt the both of them, her legs began to shake, and her eyes began to wander. She nodded her head variously and she gave a short smirk.

"So is that what you guys do now?" Jason asked. "Go behind my back and just PUT me in the program like I need help."

"No, Jason, that wasn't our int—" Brendan tried to reply back. Jason retorted with hostility, "Don't you freaking dare say it wasn't your intention. EVERY single time my life is less interesting than yours, all you guys do... is freaking push me away."

"Sweetheart, we're trying to help you," Nana said.

Jason pushed her chair down and stood up, instantly enraged. "NO. You guys don't FREAKING care about me, you never did. Putting me in a freaking rehab just to get rid of me. Just like Mom and Dad got rid of me..."

"Jason, that is NOT why." Brendan said. "They got rid of me too."

"Yes it is!" Jason said, halfway sobbing, surprisingly unexpected. "So, what is this? You two, Mom and Dad worked together to put this all against me? This was all planned all along just to push me away."

"Jason, we're sorry..."

"You're not." Jason nodded her head. "Damage is already done, I hate you. I hate you both and you guys will see the day."

Jason quickly ran upstairs and Brendan attempted to chase her, Nana looked hurt outside, and Jason ran to the bathroom, slammed the door as hard as she could and locked it. Brendan banged on the door.

"Jason, open the door, sis, this isn't helping."

Jason cried fearlessly as she sat on the side of the bathtub. Brendan could be heard still knocking on the door yelling. Brendan attempted to put all of his effort in trying to get her to open the door

Jason's phone began to vibrate, and as she grabbed it, without a care, she saw Hailey's name, and she aggressively threw it, destroying her phone.

Back at Hailey's house, she sighed, already feeling like Jason had began to avoid her. She put her palms on the side of her cheeks.

Jason twisted the knobs in the tub, filling it up with water, and as she reached into her pockets, she noticed the pills she had stolen from Holly, she shook her head and poured them into her hand, grabbed a handful of water, slowly putting the pills in her mouth, which was at least approximately 5-8 of them in all, and washed it down with the water.

When she opened up her counter, she grabbed 2 painkillers from her medicine bottle, and took it along with that.

Hailey laid flat on her bed while staring at the ceiling. "Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air."

"If I should die before I wake. It's 'cause you took my breath away, losing you is like living in a world with no air, oh." Hailey sang.

Jason looked in the mirror, still hearing Brendan spending his time knocking the door, and many feelings came upon her.

"I'm here alone, didn't wanna leave, my heart won't move, it's incomplete, wish there was a way that I can make you understand." Jason sang.

"But how do you expect me to live alone with just me? 'Cause my world revolves around you, it's so hard for me to breathe." Hailey sang, moving herself up from her bed.

"Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air, can't live, can't breathe with no air. It's how I feel whenever you ain't there, it's no air, no air. Got me out here in the water so deep, tell me how you gonna be without me, if you ain't here, I just can't breathe, it's no air, no air." Hailey and Jason both sang.

The tub was almost filled up with water and Brendan's knocking had become muffled for a moment to Jason, that it began to confuse her. The sound of ear ringing was all heard for a moment.

"No air, air. No air, air. No air, air."

"I walked, I ran, I jumped, I flew, right off the ground to float to you, there's no gravity to hold me down for real." Jason sang.

Hailey leaned on her bedroom door, sliding down slowly. "But somehow I'm still alive inside, you took my breath, but I survived. I don't know how, but I don't even care."

"But how do you expect me to live alone with just me? 'Cause my world revolves around you, it's so hard for me to breathe." Hailey and Jason sang.

More sudden issues began to occur with Jason, as she began to notice everything began to feel bright inside of the bathroom, everything was brighter than the lightbulbs inside. Jason walked even slower, prancing back and forth.

"Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air, can't live, can't breathe with no air. It's how I feel whenever you ain't there, it's no air, no air. Got me out here in the water so deep, tell me how you gonna be without me, if you ain't here, I just can't breathe, it's no air, no air." Hailey and Jason both sang.

"No air, air. No air, air. No air, air."

Brendan ran downstairs fast, as he went to Nana. "She won't open the door, I need something."

"I think we should just leave her alone," Nana said.

"No." Brendan said. "Not until we get this settled."

Nana sighed as she walked upstairs to the hallway with Brendan, trying to get her out by knocking. "Sweetie, open the door."

Jason could barely hear what they were saying, she began to feel uneasy, dizzy and unbalanced.

Hailey tried waiting for Jason's text messages as she skimmed through her phone, still 0 text messages recieved. She sighed and sat on the floor.

Jason could barely see anything, but her eyes landed on the bathtub, the dizziness increased.

"Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air, can't live, can't breathe with no air. It's how I feel whenever you ain't there, it's no air, no air. Got me out here in the water so deep, tell me how you gonna be without me, if you ain't here, I just can't breathe, it's no air, no air." Hailey had sang,

As Jason sat in the tub... the side effects were too unbearable... Jason felt weak, her body drooping in the water in her wet dirty clothes. Her eyes began to close and her face went deeper into the water.

"No air." Hailey sang.


Brendan began to push himself to the bathroom door with force, and as he garnered so much of it, he pushed to the door, breaking it as he looked inside to discover Jason's body sunk in a full tub of water.

Nana had walked in, screaming and sobbing as she and Brendan ran to her, he pulled her up and noticed that she was unconscious.

"Oh my god, Jason," Nana yelled out, Brendan slowly put her to the bathroom floor, as she laid, eyes closed and unconscious. Brendan tried his hardest not to cry, as he tried to do CPR on her.

After many attempts, Brendan looked up quickly, and yelled, "Call 911, Nana, NOW!" Nana had quickly ran downstairs in a rush to grab the phone, and Brendan glanced at Jason, feeling remorse.

"What did I just do?" Brendan asked to himself.

8 minutes later...

The ambulance quickly rushed Jason inside of the emergency route in the hospital, Jason was still unconscious as she laid in the gurney and nurses and doctors began to chatter as they rushed through the building to get to a room immediately.

The doctors and nurses surrounded Jason in a room where they tried to examine her, Brendan had watched from the window, until a nurse had closed the blinds. Brendan looked down in deep regret.


It was almost midnight while in the waiting room, Hailey, Hayden, Salvatore, Aidan, Kaleesha, Kai, (surprisingly) and Kendall all sat there in silence, all continuing to think of Jason and what may happen.

"I can't believe I never knew what she was personally going through." Kaleesha said. "If I could have just took the time to reach out to her.."

"You couldn't," Hailey said. "No one could, not even me. It's all my fault she's in this situation right now."

"Hailey, it's not your fault," Hayden said, consoling her as he began to rub her back.

"I know I never talked to her personally," Kendall said. She began to change her posture. "But, I know I've talked bad about her in the past and... I was so busy being some mean girl, I never knew she was going through this tough time, especially with drugs."

"I guess when it comes to being around her so much, I know she was going through things." Salvatore said. "But I was too focused on myself, I just forgot about it, I feel really regretful now."

Hailey looked down, a tear had fell down from her eyes. "She was the first person, first girl, I ever began to love. She was the person that made me come to terms with myself, even when I barely told my father. Despite the fact that she barely called me as much, even though she felt the same way, I just should have forced myself to find her, instead of complaining about her not being around."

"We should just hope that everything turns out fine," Kaleesha said. "We need to be strong for Jason,"

Nana and Brendan had approached the kids in the waiting room during the aftermath, Brendan had still looked down, while Nana, warmly greeted them.

"Hi, little sweethearts," Nana said. "I just really want to... thank you all for coming to share your condolences for Jason, it really means a lot."

"We were all very close to Jason, well, some of us," Kendall said. "We heard and it really put us down."

"Is she okay?" Hailey stood up immediately and walked to Nana and Brendan.

Brendan sighed, he tried to be concise. "She had a mixture of painkillers and Valium in her body—she had her stomach pumped, but she's in a medical coma right now. Due to the fact that she took so much, especially including signs of marijuana in her system, she may be here for long, but she'll be fine. So, I think that you guys can go on and get some rest."

"I can stay here with you guys if you want me to, I wouldn't mind." Hailey said.

"That's very sweet of you, what is your name?"

"I'm Hailey, Jason's... girlfriend, I think."

"She never told us that," Nana tried to smile, still, she sniffled, her tears on her face were left damp, but she gave a small handshake. "But, it's fine, you should try and get some rest."

Hailey, at first, was hesitant, but Kaleesha called her name, holding her hand as they walked together out of the hospital waiting room, along with the rest. Hailey took a look back, and they all departed.

Nana sat in the waiting room next to Brendan, and they held each other's hands.

"I don't think I can see the day of losing another person in my life." Brendan said.

"We'll have to hope that she'll be okay," Nana said.

"But Nana, this is her second overdose overall in her life," Brendan stood up form his seat in complete frustration. "And I can't even connect with her without her pushing me away. All this time, she never, ever tells me what's going on. The only thing she has against me is the fact that I change what I am, and that I'm going to college. Taking her out of jail, trying to get her out of those drugs, it won't do her any good."

"It's not your fault," Nana said. "We'll just have to wait for the future to see."

"I guess so," Brendan replied, looking down in dismay.


Holly sat inside of the teacher's lounge, along with Sue, Brooke, and Coach Beiste, who all began to mourn over Jason's incident. Holly's face leaned on her hand as she began to speak.

"I should have went back out there to help her," Holly sighed. "And I didn't, I feel so stupid."

"Holly, I don't think there was any way you could try to help her with her issues," Beiste reached out her hand to hers. "I never got the chance to know her as much, but I'm sure she was a good kid."

"She was a lost kid who just didn't know her way," Holly said.

"The reason why I should have helped her because.... I was basically in her issues as a teen. My mom was so stuck up on focusing on herself, more than me and my brother. I wanted to runaway, go into drugs, and I did. But it just lead me to nowhere. I wish I could have been guidance to her, I've been so stressed, I never got the opportunity to help her."

"Well, Blondie, maybe you aren't so good at your job after all, since you teach your bunch of low-life rebellions to go into prostitution, drugs, bullying, and sex." Sue said heartlessly.

Beiste looked up at Sue, "Sue, how can you say something like that during a time like this."

"I'm just saying that, even when Curlyhair Schuepants ruined the meaning of Glee, at least he got to help all of his kids." Sue said. "Picture why this Duffy kid is in the hospital now."

"Maybe Sue's right," Holly said. "I let her take all of my anxiety pills the other night without even knowing she did. She went to the bathroom when I allowed her to stay for the night, and I believe she took half of my anxiety pills and used them."

"So, you're encouraging your kids to use drugs," Sue said.

"I wasn't encouraging anything," Holly retorted. "I treated her to food, shelter, and care for a while until she got back on her feet, the next morning she was gone. I thought me and her were going to form a good bond outside of school."

"She's in the hospital now?"

"Her brother called the school about it based on the amount of days of school she missed. She's in a medically induced coma right now, so she may be at risk." Holly said.

"Holly, look, none of this is your fault." Beiste said. "You were at least being kind and trying to help her, we should just make sure that she can recover from this."

"You're a good Glee Club director," Brooke said. "All of this drama you have with them, and you're still holding on."

"Hm, wonder why she isn't the guidance counselor too," Sue looked at Brooke, she looked back and rolled her eyes. She tried to ignore her comments based on the things Sue tried to get her fired for.

"Anyway, it isn't your fault," Brooke said. Holly felt a bit better with Brooke and Beiste's comfort.


As everyone walked in the choir room in a subdued manner, everyone had took a seat, and Holly stood in front of them, feeling down herself.

"I know that most of you, well, at least one, probably didn't feel as comfortable with Jason in Glee Club, most of you were probably good friends with her, if I'm right," Holly exclaimed. "But, I think that for the rest of this week, I know we have Sectionals, and we're probably not ready, but we should take this time to try to show that we do care about Jason, and we should desire that Jason will be okay."

Hayden raised his hand, "Ms. H, me, Kaleesha, Kendall, and Salvatore have a song we want to sing for this situation,"

"Go for it," Holly said, giving a short smile. While that, she pulled herself back to a seat as the four grabbed stools to sit on.

"The four of us.." Hayden cleared his throat. "We're probably big impacts in Jason's life, as much as she was to us, but it's clear that Jason was so much more than just a person with a troubled life,"

"She actually had a heart," Salvatore scoffed. "Hell, she even convinced me to join Glee Club, probably for a good cause, but she did have heart, and was the reason why I did find the love of my life, I guess."

Salvatore looked at Aidan, who fought so hard not to look back, Salvatore looked back as Kendall began to speak.

"I'm not sure if I ever had any good type of interaction with Jason, but she's the reason why I've grown closer to my boyfriend, to whom she was close to." Kendall said. "But I also regret ever judging her for who she was."

Hailey wanted to resist watching them speak about Jason, and everyone watched them in silence.

"Jason was the reason why I became so stronger, mentally and physically." Kaleesha said. "She was also my best friend, someone I thought I could connect to on a daily basis."

"Jason was probably much of a badass than I was," Hayden giggled, everyone did, as well as Hailey.

"But she never backed down. She was a honest person when it came to her personality. While we'll never exactly understand some things in her life, no matter how she was, she always kept her word."

"I think that most of people in everyday life, they often push themselves so far to a point where their life can end on any given day." Kaleesha said. "But, we don't want that to happen to Jason, she may not have been with us, but she made all of us realize how big of an impact she was for New Directions."

Holly nodded her head in agreement.

"Which is why we are singing this song," Salvatore looked behind at the band members.

A stripped down version of Waterfalls began to catalyze, and the four all sat on the stools, rocking to the rhythm.

"A lonely mother gazing out of her window, staring at a son that she just can't touch," Hayden sang. "If at any time he's in a jam she'll be by his side, but he doesn't realize he hurts her so much."

"But all the praying just ain't helping at all 'cause he can't seem to keep his self out of trouble," Salvatore sang. "So he goes out and he makes his money the best way he knows how, another body laying cold in the gutter, listen to me."

"Don't go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to, I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all, but I think you're moving too fast," The four all sang.

"Little precious has a natural obsession for temptation but he just can't see," Kendall sang. "She gives him loving that his body can't handle, but all he can say is "Baby, it's good to me."

"One day he goes and takes a glimpse in the mirror, but he doesn't recognize his own face," Salvatore sang. "His health is fading and he doesn't know why, three letters took him to his final resting place, y'all don't hear me."

"Don't go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to, I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all, but I think you're moving too fast," The four all sang, with everyone starting to sing along. Salvatore looked up as he watched Aidan look the other direction.

"Come on," Kaleesha rapped. "I seen a rainbow yesterday, but too many storms have come and gone, leavin' a trace of not one God-given ray. Is it because my life is ten shades of gray? I pray all ten fade away, seldom praise Him for the sunny days."

"And like His promise is true, only my faith can undo, the many chances I blew, to bring my life to anew. Clear blue and unconditional skies, have dried the tears from my eyes, no more lonely cries."

"My only bleedin' hope is for the folk who can't cope with such an endurin' pain that it keeps 'em in the pourin' rain. Who's to blame for tootin' 'caine into your own vein? What a shame you shoot and aim for someone else's brain. You claim the insane and name this day in time for fallin' prey to crime, I say the system's got you victim to your own mind. Dreams are hopeless aspirations in hopes of comin' true, believe in yourself, the rest is up to me and you."

"Don't go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to, I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all, but I think you're moving too fast," The four all sang.

The scene had panned out to Cole as she watched from the open door from afar, but as Hailey saw him, she developed anger. Cole looked immediately stunned from hearing the information himself, but he resisted going inside. Therefore, he walked past.

Everyone gave a round of applause to the performers.

Coming from me, I know I'm probably an ass in general, maybe I truly did deserve that suspension. Cole continued to walk in the hallways, where he went to his locker.

I'm probably the last person on everyone's mind right now, but when you've gone through things yourself, all you can do is pull out all of that anger. Jason is at the point of trying to stay alive, sometimes it's like, why me? No one cares about me, they only see the bad side of me because I show it. They think I'm insensitive. Why? Because I'm angry at Samantha? Who just decided to lie to me and hide crap from me like no tomorrow. Maybe I am too hard on her, but I have trust issues. No one understands me, unless it's Kaleesha, but... I hate myself the most right now. It's probably my fault that Jason is in the situation that she's in. I'm the reason she's done with Glee Club.


Meanwhile, that day, Deno had went to his locker afterwards, and Gretchen approached him.

"So, did you do it yet?" She crossed her arms, and Deno looked at her. He wanted to resist responding to her, but he nodded his head.

"No, I don't understand why you put me in a dilemma like this either," Deno said. "Gretchen, I don't do blackmail."

"Neither do I, but I have to because it's worth it." Gretchen replied.

"What do you mean, it's worth it?" Deno raised his eyebrows while Gretchen pulled the straps of her backpack.

"Look, Deno, Hayden isn't your type anymore," Gretchen said. "And if you even dare try to deny it, don't forget that in the car, you wanted me, because you never even stop to think of Hayden from what I remember."

Deno didn't want to respond. "I'm, I'm...."

"St-st-stuttering?" Gretchen chuckled. "You know it's true. I'm not going to rush you, but no breaky-breaky, sex tapey-tapey."

She winked while walking away from Deno, who stood there, rolled his eyes and continued to go into his locker. As soon as he slammed it, Hayden began to walk by, and Deno immediately tried to walk away.

Hayden stopped for a moment, as he began to feel completely confused by his actions.


Samantha knocked on Brooke's office door, and she politely told her to come inside. When Samantha made her entrance, she gave a smile, Brooke stood up to shake her hand.

"Samantha Parker, it's nice to see you," Brooke said, sitting back down and allowing Samantha to take a seat. As soon as she did so, she could start to notice sadness in her facial expressions.

"I can already see you're sad, is there anything you want to talk about with me? I'm all ears."

"Yeah, um," Samantha cleared her throat. Brooke stood up, and grabbed her a miniature bottle of water.

"Thanks," Samantha quickly unscrewed the cap and took a large sip. "I guess I've just been very sad lately, this whole month to be exact. Winter is right around the corner, and I don't think I can be able to handle all of these things I've been going through."

"What's been going on?" Brooke scooted her chair to her desk, as Samantha tried to find a way to concisely explain herself.

"When I was little," Samantha took a large gulp. "I lived in Compton, my dad and my mom had a good relationship, they took good care of me. But, that is until, things started to go for the worse. My mom and dad got a divorce, because my father was so focused on pimping and other girls."

Brooke seemed intrigued in her words, as she nodded her head while Samantha continued speaking.

"My dad had wanted to take me away from my mom, to try to show me the real world, so he filed for custody, and took me away. But he treated me like crap in Compton, he abused me, used me—"

Samantha found it very difficult to continue as she began to cry. Brooke looked up, "Take your time, sweetheart, take your time,"

"He forced me to get into drugs myself, and finally, he wanted me to make money for him by prostituting. I couldn't take it anymore with him, so last time he had hit me, I called the cops, took him to court, he's in jail. I moved back with my mom, who began living in Ohio then, and I realized that she was losing herself. Everything in her life began to turn for the bad, she barely could pay the bills, she hardly could provide for herself and me, and the best way to try to help her was to start prostituting again. I tried... I tried to keep my outside life away from my social life here. I never told my ex-boyfriend about it, because I wanted to be innocent, I didn't want him to think that being this way was my desire, but it was the only way to... keep my mom taken care of. But now he hates my guts and it just hurts."

"I know how it feels to be in that predicament, if no one hasn't blurted it out already, I was a former porn star," Brooke said. "Which was not what I wanted to be in my life, I had my whole life ahead of me. But when you have to provide for your kids, even your sick mother, the best thing to do is make money to keep them healthy."

Samantha looked down, "True."

"Listen to me," Brooke said, as she lifted up Samantha's face to look at her. "All of these kids, they don't know what it's like for us. But you... you're a beautiful, sweet girl, and you don't deserve to be judged for what you do."

"If my ex-boyfriend had said that, I would have felt comfortable, I was at the urge of stopping it," Samantha said. "It's what I have to do."

"If you're ready for a change, only you know when, where and how to change." Brooke said. "Just because others put you down, you're strong, be unflinching. Show you're not afraid of what they say."

Samantha looked at Brooke with a half-smile, but all of a sudden, Cole had actually overheard everything Samantha said from afar.


Cole walked inside of the auditorium in a very deplorable manner, he had walked to the piano across from him, opened it up, and he had began to play it.

"Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face, you told me how proud you were but I walked away," Cole sang. "If only I knew what I know today, ooh ooh."

Flashbacks had come to mind as he began to think of how he treated Jason. "I would hold you in my arms, I would take the pain away, thank you for all you've done, forgive all your mistakes. There's nothing I wouldn't do to hear your voice again, sometimes I wanna call you but I know you won't be there."

"Oh, I'm sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do and I've hurt myself by hurting you."

"Some days I feel broke inside but I won't admit, sometimes I just wanna hide 'cause it's you I miss," Cole had started to think of Samantha at that moment. "And it's so hard to say goodbye when it comes to this, ooh, whoa."

"Would you tell me I was wrong? Would you help me understand? Are you looking down upon me? Are you proud of who I am? There's nothing I wouldn't do to have just one more chance, to look into your eyes and see you looking back."

"Oh, I'm sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do and I've hurt myself by hurting you."

"If I had just one more day, I would tell you how much that I've missed you since you've been away. Oh, it's dangerous. It's so out of line to try and turn back time."

Samantha had watched him while he performed, hearing the hurt in his voice.

"I'm sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do and I've hurt myself by hurting you." Cole stopped playing on the piano, and he looked down.

Samantha walked in slowly, replying out, "I forgive you."

Cole quickly looked up, closing the piano. "What if the song wasn't about you?"

"There's no need to lie, I know it was about me, Cole," Samantha said. "I saw you watching me in Ms. Underwood's office. As bad as I should hate you for the way you treated me, it's not right."

As soon as Samantha came close to the stage, Cole sighed. "You lied to me."

"I didn't lie to you, Cole, I know I pushed you out of your comfort zone that day when I wanted to have sex, but... you don't understand what I have to go through with my body, because you aren't Samantha Parker. But you should have had the decency to try to talk it out with me instead of turning Matt against me, and hurting my feelings."

"I know... I know I've been a prick to you." Cole said. "But once someone makes me feel betrayed, that's just the way it is."

"But, like I said, you're hurt, and I forgive you for it." Samantha said. "You don't have to like me, but all of this stupid, pointless animosity we have towards each other isn't right for me, it isn't right for anyone right now."

"We can work something out, but I don't think we can ever be with each other, I just don't see it anymore." Cole said.

"I never asked that, but feuding with each other is not helping at all," Samantha replied, folding her arms.

"Okay, I guess we're cool, then." Cole said, nodding his head and trying to make peace by walking away. Samantha sighed as she left the other direction.


Aidan stood at his locker, but as soon as he closed it, Salvatore had stopped him. "Can we talk?"

"What's there to really talk about?" Aidan said. "You basically said everything the other day."

"I'm sorry I took my frustrations out on you, Aidan, I didn't mean to do that." Salvatore said. "I got so angry because I felt like you were calling me out."

"I was calling you out, on the fact that you have been ignoring me, avoiding my calls, you've been so distant that you don't even seem like a boyfriend to me anymore. But you come back to the club, trying to call me the love of your life, but you don't show the effort to be that love of mine." Aidan said.

"I'm in love with you, Aidan," Salvatore said. "But when I need time for myself, I just need it, I don't want to lose you."

"I don't either, but at least make the effort to make me feel like I'm worthy enough to be with you,"

Salvatore took Aidan by his hands and walked with him in the hallways, "Aren't you something to admire, 'cause your shine is something like a mirror, and I can't help but notice, you reflect in this heart of mine."

"If you ever feel alone and the glare makes me hard to find, just know that I'm always parallel on the other side," Aidan had sang along.

"'Cause with your hand in my hand and a pocket full of soul, I can tell you there's no place we couldn't go. Just put your hand on the glass, I'm here trying to pull you through, you just gotta be strong," The two both sang.

In the choir room, the two had sang it in front of the Glee Club, and everyone began to smile at their adorable chemistry with each other.

"'Cause I don't wanna lose you now, I'm looking right at the other half of me, the vacancy that sat in my heart is a space that now you hold," Aidan and Salvatore's eyes locked with each other. "Show me how to fight for now and I'll tell you, baby, it was easy, coming back into you once I figured it out, you were right here all along."

"It's like you're my mirror, my mirror staring back at me, I couldn't get any bigger with anyone else beside of me. And now it's clear as this promise that we're making two reflections into one cause it's like you're my mirror, my mirror staring back at me, staring back at me."

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow's a mystery," Salvatore sang.

"I can see you looking back at me, keep your eyes on me," Aidan sang.

"Baby, keep your eyes on me," Salvatore and Aidan sang, everyone began to clap. "'Cause I don't wanna lose you now, I'm looking right at the other half of me, the vacancy that sat in my heart is a space that now you hold, show me how to fight for now and I'll tell you, baby, it was easy, coming back into you once I figured it out, you were right here all along."

"It's like you're my mirror, my mirror staring back at me, I couldn't get any bigger with anyone else beside of me. And now it's clear as this promise that we're making two reflections into one cause it's like you're my mirror, my mirror staring back at me, staring back at me."

"Oh, oh," Aidan sang. Salvatore moved closer to him, and they ended the song, leading into a kiss.

Everyone cheered, and Holly stood up. "Aw, that was so adorable, guys! I love that you are trying to bring up the spirit!"


It was later that afternoon, where Hailey had returned back to the hospital, approaching Jason's grandmother and brother. She greeted them, as she had a handful of flowers grasped in her hand.

"Hello, there." Nana said. "It's nice to see you again, Hailey."

"Likewise." Hailey said. "How is everything?"

"It's noted that she's doing fine, a bit weaker, but she's able to talk now." Nana said. "But if you want to visit her, you can feel free."

"I'd love to."

Seconds later, Hailey had began to knock on the door, and slowly open it, as she watched Jason lay on the bed. She saw her eyes moved as she took a glimpse at Hailey, who couldn't help but stand there in fear.

"Geez, you're standing so far away like you'd think I'd kill you," Jason said.

"Come in."

Hailey was hesitant at first, until she walked inside, "It's just so hard seeing you in this position, I was scared."

"Please," Jason said, weakly. "I'm lucky enough to still be talking right now as far as what I remember. I don't even know what had happened that I'm so confused."

"You overdosed." Hailey said. "Remember?"

"I didn't know I would end up in this position again," Jason said. "I just got so angry with my brother and Nana, I blacked out."

"So, is that why you were avoiding my texts last night?"

"I haven't been avoiding you," Jason said. "The reason why I tried not to interact with you because I didn't want you to interfere with the troubles I'm going through."

"I don't care, whatever troubles you've been going through, I would have been there for you. Hell, while you were gone, Jackson tried to make another pass at me, it's been nothing without you. Everyone was worried about you."

Jason looked down, and Hailey moved closer to her. "Did you really mean to hurt yourself?"

"No," Jason said. "But... I've been thinking about it a lot, but it doesn't mean I'd want to. I couldn't remember anything that happened that night unless it was me cursing my family out."

"It's just so good having the chance to fully see you again." Hailey said. Jason gave a weak smile.

"It is," Jason said. Hailey, fearlessly, walked to Jason and gave her a brief kiss on the lips.

"Get some rest, I'll probably come back a bit later to check on you," Hailey smiled and walked out of the door. Jason moved a bit to get comfort from the hospital bed. Brendan had walked in.

"That girl must really care about you, huh?" Brendan asked. Jason looked at him, turned away.

"Sure, I guess."

It was awkwardly silent, Brendan could already sense that Jason had misgivings towards him. "You know, Jason, you really scared me last night,"

"Oh, did I?" Jason said. "Or did you act like it?"

"Jason, you're my sister, of course I'm going to worry about you,"

"But instead you want to push me away just like Mom and Dad did us," Jason said.

"I wasn't trying to push you away, but like Nana and I agreed, we were a bit tired of dealing with your drug problems, and the fact that as much as we tried to give you tough love, you didn't appreciate it."

"You don't really know what it's like to be me," Jason chuckled. "Some lesbian drug addicted teenager with two deadbeat parents, sure, I have a good life, right?"

"Let's not forget, you're also smart, beautiful, and at least generous for your personality," Brendan said.

"Jason, there's so much more about you that you aren't seeing, and it isn't about drugs, or your life, it's about who you are inside."

Jason scoffed, "I don't have nothing inside of me, unless it's food, just saying." "Not true at all," Brendan said. "Jason, I love you, and the reason why I put you into the rehab program, was because I want you to be healthy, I don't want you to hurt yourself and do something you'll regret once again in the future. You have your whole life ahead of you, make your life worth living."

Jason looked at Brendan, and looked away.


Visiting hours were over, the hospital was nearly vacant, and as Jason found herself restless and incapacitated, she watched the darkness increase that night. There was a feeling inside of her body that felt as if she shouldn't have done what she did. It was so silent, she couldn't take it.

There were points where she felt paranoid, she began hearing voices in her ear.

"God, she looks like she needs something to eat,"

"It takes a slutty drug to know one."

Jason squinted her eyes, and she began to remember what Hailey had told her before, all she could think of was hurting herself and leaving her behind. Obviously, that wasn't what she wanted.

In her mind, she felt like singing, in a frail mood, "I stared up at the sun, thought of all of the people, places and things I've loved. I stared up just to see with all of the faces, you were the one next to me."

"You can feel the light start to tremble, washing what you know out to sea. You can see your life out of the window tonight."

"If I lose myself tonight, it’ll be by your side. I lose myself tonight...yeah, yeah, yeah. If I lose myself tonight, it’ll be you and I, lose myself tonight..."

"I woke up with the sun, thought of all of the people, places and things I’ve loved. I woke up just to see with all of the faces, you were the one next to me."

Jason, in a dream, had stood up from her hospital bed, walking out of the hospital slowly and surely while it was dark.

"You can feel the light start to tremble, washing what you know out to sea. You can see your life out of the window tonight."

"If I lose myself tonight, it’ll be by your side. I lose myself tonight...yeah, yeah, yeah. If I lose myself tonight, it’ll be you and I, lose myself tonight..."

She had believed she spotted Hailey outside of the hospital, so quick, she had began to run for her. As if the scene were in slow motion, Hailey had smiled.

"Take us down and we keep trying, forty thousand feet, keep flying. Take us down and we keep trying, forty thousand feet, keep flying. Take us down and we keep trying, forty thousand feet, keep flying. Take us down and we keep trying, forty thousand feet, keep flying."

"If I lose myself tonight....whoooooooooo, whoooooo, whoooo, whooooooo. Whoooooooooo, whoooooo, whoooo, whooooooo,"

When she finally reached up to Hailey, she noticed that it was all in her mind. Jason still laid on her hospital bed, waking up from that dream.


In the choir room, Hailey had walked inside, and Kaleesha stood up, "How is she?"

"She's getting better, she's just a bit weak, until she gets all of her strength back, she'll probably be back on her feet." Hailey said. "I'm worried about her, though."

"We all are," Kendall said. "But I'm glad she's okay."

"I really love the fact that all of us, we're finally trying to get together as a family," Holly said.

"Why? Because Cole isn't here for the week?" Hayden scoffed. "It won't be like this when he comes back, that's for sure."

"No," Holly chuckled. "I mean, this is how we should be, especially for next week, Sectionals is like right down the corner, and right before you know it, we'll be performing in front of a bunch of people on stage. Picture how that will be. We need to just stick together and show who we are."

"Sometimes, it's hard," Matthew said. "Especially with the Swagettes and the Warblers in our way.. and then you have love problems in the club, it's like a battlefield."

"You know, that reminds me of a song." Holly said. "We did kind of learn a lot this week, the side effects of love, the side effects of drugs, but we're also learning... the side effects of being a team."

The Glee Club seemed ecstatic when she said that.


In the auditorium, New Directions all stood in the spotlight, and Samantha had walked out, and she began to sing.

"Don't try to explain your mind, I know what's happening here. One minute it's love and suddenly it's like a battlefield." Samantha sang.

"One word turns into a war, why is it the smallest things that tear us down?" Aidan sang. "My world's nothing when you don't, I'm not here without a shield, can't go back now."

"Both hands, tied behind my back for nothing, oh no, these times when we climb so fast to fall again," Salvatore sang.

"Why we gotta fall for it now," New Directions sang. "I never meant to start a war, you know I never wanna hurt you, don't even know what we're fighting for."

"Why does love always feel like a battlefield? A battlefield, a battlefield? Why does love always feel like a battlefield? A battlefield, a battlefield? Why does love always feel like-"

Hayden took center stage and began to sing, although suddenly, he tried to focus on Deno, who barely noticed him.

"Can't swallow our pride, neither of us wanna raise that flag. If we can't surrender then we both gonna lose what we had, oh no." Hayden sang.

"Both hands tied behind my back for nothing, oh no, these times when we climb so fast to fall again, I don't wanna fall for it now." Kendall sang.

"I never meant to start a war, you know I never wanna hurt you, don't even know what we're fighting for. Why does love always feel like a battlefield? A battlefield, a battlefield? Why does love always feel like a battlefield? A battlefield, a battlefield?"

"I guess you better go and get your armor," Salvatore sang.

"Get your armor," New Directions sang.

"Get your armor," Salvatore sang.

"I guess you better go and get your armor," Salvatore sang.

"Get your armor," New Directions sang.

"Get your armor," Salvatore sang. "I guess you better go and get your--"

"We could pretend that we are friends tonight," Lyndsay sang.

'Oh, oh, oh," New Directions sang.

"And in the morning we'll wake up and we'll be alright, 'cause baby, we don't have to fight, and I don't want this love to feel like-" Lyndsay sang.

"A battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield, why does love always feel like a battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield," Gretchen sang with New Directions, she made her way to Deno, and sang along with him.

"I guess you better go and get your armor,"

"I never meant to start a war, you know I never wanna hurt you, don't even know what we're fighting for. Why does love always feel like a battlefield? A battlefield, a battlefield? Why does love always feel like a battlefield? A battlefield, a battlefield?" Matt and Kaleesha had began to belt out.

"I guess you better go and get your armor," Hayden, Kaleesha, and Salvatore sang. "Get your armor," New Directions sang.

"Get your armor," Hayden, Kaleesha and Salvatore sang.

"I guess you better go and get your armor," Hailey, Samantha, and Matt sang. "Get your armor," New Directions sang.

"Get your armor," Samantha sang. "Why does love always feel like?"

Cole had walked inside of the auditorium, and Holly watched the group proudly, as he walked in, watching their performance and intrigued. He sat near the back. "Ohhhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh,"

"I never meant to start a war, don't even know what we're fighting for, I never meant to start a war, don't even know what we're fighting for," Samantha sang with New Directions.

"Why does love always feel like a battlefield?" New Directions all sang. Holly gave a round of applause and Cole nodded his head.


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Swagology PreviewEdit


Glee goes full...

"Ratchet?" Kaleesha said.

"Ghetto." Salvatore said.

"Stupid." Gretchen crossed her arms.


"It's time to get a little swagalicious this week!" Holly tried to cheer the club on, to which some of the Glee Club didn't approve on.

"Seriously?" Cole said.

Cole tries to get a little badass.

"The only way I can get to be a football player is with your help," Cole said. "I really need to build up my status."

Hayden rolled his eyes, "I'm surprised you haven't held any criminal records for your lame insults,"

Cole crossed his arms, as he took it seriously.

Cole and Hayden had began to perform Boyfriend in the hallways.

An unexpected make over!

Lyndsay turned Gretchen's head around in the chair, showing her face in the mirror. Gretchen quickly screamed.

And some swagtastic special guests!

Mercedes Jones walked inside the choir room, grinning. Holly walked over to her for a hug.

Gretchen replied with an uncaring attitude, "Gee, Holliday, because swag is an urban term, who wouldn't find a stereotypical black chick to be our mentor?"

Mercedes raised her eyebrow, and Kaleesha looked up to her and crossed her arms

"What, I'm just telling the truth." 

with R&B artist, Brandy!

She mocked, "Nuh-uh, honey, you better watch what you say, boo boo, mmhmm." She snapped her fingers and walked with Holly in the hallways.

"You try,"

Holly tried to make a fail attempt, "Heyyyyyyyyy girlfriend!"

It was silent, and Sharisse watched as she did that, Holly looked back, and in unison, they both replied, "Nah."

All new episode, coming your way!